What Does Mercury in Perfect Conjunction With Vertex in Sign of Sun Portend?

  • The cycle you describe is common at the end of relationships when one person doesn't want it to end but the other person is ready for it to. It's what caused me to lose my previous girlfriend. I think things could have healed between us if I didn't act that way, but, now, I feel that was for the best considering the passion and intensity of love I have for this woman. I think she is as incapable of truly letting go as I am. Everytime my proverbial shell begins to heal and I am ready to wear the armor we crabs are so famous for, she instinctively knows it and draws me back in by, for example, telling me "love ya", then with purpose correcting it to "I love you" on the same weekend she is telling me that she will no longer see this other guy and sending me links to a song about burning love. I think I somehow sense my advantage during these moments and tend to press it too much as you describe which sets the cycle in motion once again. This has been going on for months. A clash of wills is at the heart of it. She will not be held captive by my clutch and I will not submit to tolerating her behavior either. I don't know how to break the cycle. I'm tempted to truly take a gamble and risk everything while letting her know that that is exactly what I'm doing and informing her that I can not have a friendship with her until my feelings are no longer there, and that if she truly loves me she will stop punishing me for what I've done in the past and work on moving forward with me, and if she doesn't love me in that way anymore then I really have lost nothing because we can always have a friendship when I'm ready for our relationship to be just that. The problem is follow through and whether I'm actually willing to let go to see if she comes back to me. I don't see any other way because I don't think I can take the present circumstances anymore. You can't indefinitely burn a torch for someone who won't consistently reciprocate.

  • Was there something you wanted to talk about concerning yourself? We cancers can be extremely nurturing when emotionally fulfilled but, unfortunately, are hopelessly self absorbed when we are feeling pain. This conversation should be mutually beneficial, and I'm sorry that I have made it exclusively revolve around my problems.

  • Thank you CC, but honestly I still consider myself a novice at astrology. There is so much to learn.

    I agree, you are in a power struggle and from what you describe it also appears as if she is playing games. You have more patience (actually a lot more!) than I do CC because I find game playing intolerable. The report that you’ve quoted, repeatedly describes the struggle for both of you to discover your individuality and personal freedom in order to join your energies together to work as a whole. This can be significant union, but it doesn’t magically happen just because you’re together and just because astrology says so. Some of the best synastry just doesn’t work out and some of the worst do. It could also be due to timing because you both have to evolve to be together.

    She might be aware of the significance of this relationship however she just may be too young to understand how to embrace it. She needs to stand firmly by herself so that she doesn’t fear losing herself when entering into such a union. Enough about her though CC because I also believe the same applies for you. You need to remember yourself in this and not how beautiful this union could be, should be, but isn’t. Are you holding on to the potential more so than the reality of the situation?

    I found this description on another site regarding possessiveness with the water signs. I thought it was very insightful. I have a Scorpio rising, so I find the Scorpio description pretty accurate.

    “”””“Scorpio.......................... Wants to possess what’s real in you, emotionally... I must know that you yearn for no other...that you love no other... to a Scorpio even thinking about cheating is cheating... I know what I want and if it's not you then I will leave without thinking twice and move on. I know this and act accordingly. Therefore, I don't mind if you stay late at work or if you want to hang out with your friends, or if you are distant every now and again... AS LONG as I feel secure with the emotional aspect in the relationship. Scorpios are possessive of your emotions.

    Cancers......................... are insecure. They want you to ease their insecurity by making sure you are with them as much as possible and pay attention to them as much as possible. They want family and security and if you’re not the best candidate they will pretend as long as possible because they do not weather being alone well at all. They know this and act accordingly. Therefore, if you stay late at work or want to hang out with your friends, or if you are distant every now and again it means you don't love them and that they are in danger of being alone. Cancers are possessive of your time and energy.”””””

    I’m good. Someday I’m sure I’ll need someone to talk to, but today…all is good in my world.

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  • The situation is moving very dynamically. I have come to the conclusion that all I can do is let go and let will be will be. I instilled my plan almost as soon as I had written it. I presented to her the report that I had gotten. I'm not sure whether she read it or not. Her response was to show up somewhere likely where I would be with the guy she is seeing. I loathed her for it because I was feeling so much love towards her and told her nicely how things had to be and that she needed to come to grips with what was going on and that she could no longer have her cake and eat it too but that I did not begrudge her. I despised her for a full day and I know it was eating at her. I think I can feel her moods and she can feel mine. I layed into her lastnight telling her I would never forgive her and said some very harsh things such as she had crushed my spirit and murdered my soul and in the process done the same to hers. I cried for hours and then something happened. There was catharsis. Kind of a transformation. I don't know how to describe it, but the result was that I realized that I loved her anyways. I think I have come to terms with it. What will be will be. It is out of my hands. I need to go on with my life and hopefully one day she will be apart of it, but I need to live as if she is not until she is ready to be in it the only way I can accept her in it. Maybe she was just in my life to teach me to let go.

  • As an outsider looking in I can see that even with this last interaction you’re still pushing each others’ buttons. I think this is the best decision for you at the moment. Sometimes the more we try to gain control, the more chaos we actually generate. I know because I’ve been there. My Cancer is my great love and it took a few attempts and many years before we were able to come together. It was painful when we were apart and back then it was equally painful when we were together. What I realize now is that we had to live our lives and we had to learn our lessons and even though our lives paralleled somewhat, in some cases we traveled a different fork only to end up on the same path again. It was only when we were able to accept each others’ differences that we recognized our goals weren’t that different, just the vehicles we used to reach them were different.

  • You're absolutely right that manipulation is the wrong path to take. That's what I have realized. We are both trying to manipulate each other into doing what the other wants the way they want. That will never work. We're both far too strong willed. Even my attempt to cut off communication was an attempt at manipulation. I won't cut off communication, but I will also not contact her and I will make clear to her in the nicest way possible that I can't be in her life as just a friend, becuase it hurts too bad for me to see her with other people and it is unhealthy for me to be hopelessly in love with someone when it is unrequited. I need to move on if she won't be with me in a way that is acceptable to me. I will still have love for her, but I have to do what's best for me first. She has already taught me a valuable life lesson and has helped me to grow - It is wrong to hold on to hate in your heart for anyone, especially someone you have so much love for.

  • Have you ever turned an orb down to .02% of the default and still had an aspect register?

  • Lol, can’t say I’ve done it before now…. I only have 2 major planet aspects that tight; Jupiter conjunct Saturn and Mercury oppose Pluto

    Have you ever gone under tab “Pullen/Astrology” tab, select “Simple chart delineation by Walter Pullen”? Close to the top you’ll find major configurations and about ½ way down you’ll find your planet/sign rankings.

  • Thank you for pointing me there 🙂

  • I have a question that I would prefer not putting on the forum. Would you be comfortable with another form of communication.

  • Sure CC. email ?

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