Help Me Please.....How Do I deal with my ex partner?

  • Hi,

    My ex has recently come back in to my life, and I have so much anger towards him,

    can someone please help me with this? I try to be as civil as I can but I can't get past the anger I feel,

    how do I cope or deal with this? I don't want him in my life and I'm not sure if he can really see this yet? I want to move on but feel I can't until he's well out of the way.

    Please Help me?

    Blessings to All

  • Why is he in your life again, or better still, why did you let him back into your life? Are there kids involved? If there are no kids involved just tell him straight out you want him out of your life. don't take his calls, don't answer his emails, don't comminicate with him, just erase him from your life.

    The anger will settle once you accept that both of you were responsible for what happened. You both played your part. Next time you will have better judgement and better logic. We all live and learn, don't be angry at your mistakes, just make sure you don't make the same mistakes again.

  • Hi Gypsydreams,

    yes there are kids involved and he's just recently got out of prison and he has no other option but to turn to me for certain things eg: using the car. I've been carless and at the same time feel that my freedom is being taken away but then I am made out to be the selfish one if I dont let him use it. I know I have to compromise but its hard having to rely on him for to to do the school pick up and drop off and to get to places.

    I tried to erase him from my life but had no other choice once he got out. He's being the opposite of angry with me but I find it hard to shake that anger from him. I want him out of my daily life but am having trouble accepting that.

    Thanks Gypsydreams

  • You don't have to be there for him phoenix. he does have other options , there are always other options.

    He made his bed let him ,lay in it. Move on with your life. Your goals can be achieved but he will hinder your progress if you allow him to. You have the power to get him out of your life if you want to. It is all up to you.

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