Cappy Alert - Noonie1801, if you are around, I need your help!

  • Hey, so i did what you suggested and texted him here and there. Meanwhile it came out that i've got a job abroad a month earlier than planned. So i'm leaving in a week.

    i texted him and the other friends too to let them know this last weekend is the only time i'm gonna be around in my home town.

    he texted me back that he only has time friday night. i told him that i'm meeting my uncle and aunt in a bar (which he knows too and he is friends with them) and he should join if he wants.

    so he came to the bar. we drank, laughed, played darts (the 4 of us) and then he walked me home. On the way he once stopped me, hugged me and told me that i am very important to him, how much he loves to be with me, and also that he has waited for me for so long, for 15 years and that i am his only real love.

    we kissed and he was really happy and he asked me what we'll happen with us now. i told him that i will come back, but i don't expect promises, if he feels like that, he should wait for me.

    he asked me to keep in touch online meanwhile and told me he can't wait for me to return.

    the same night, after we separated he texted me a quote (a part of a poem) which says stuff like: 'besides you, nothing matters to me...', 'the moon can fall off of the sky, it does not matter' etcetc.

    i feel he is serious about it, but still has fear and doubts.

    i let him know that i'm sad that i am leaving now, but i have to for financial reasons and that i leave with the feeling in my heart that if we really have something special, time won't matter and won't change it.

    anyways, i'm just interested in your opinion. he was so happy to kiss me and that finally we broke down the walls between us two, but since then he is so silent, no e-mail, no text, no calls... is that normal?

    Noonie, i really hope you come around and let me know of what you think! thanks.

  • KATIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Katie, love, I know you're asking Noonie for help but it seems like he cares but he's giving you space because you're going to another place for work which will be far away. how long are you going for? he might be wondering if it's worth it to get serious with you if you're leaving for a while. makes sense?

  • Hey SV!!!!! I'm so glad to hear about you!!! Thanks for your comment. Lately i'm pretty left alone with my stuff. 🙂

    I think Noonie left fromt he thread, anyways, it will be okay.

    I really hope he cares about me. It does feel like that, but still... you know how i am and all the bad experience. 🙂

    I guess he just keeps distance cause i'm leaving and there is no sense in getting closer to each other right now. I hope he will wait for me.

    I am going for 6 months. it seems sooo long right now. I am leaving on the 30th. how are you doing?

  • Hey girl,

    Sounds good. Just go with your guts as always. So you are seeing the Spanish sun faster than you planned huh? Well pleassseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee enjoy for me too!!! hehe

    Swamped with all sort of stuff and life but hanging in there. I am not regular on the board anymore so if I don't come back before your trip. Hugs. Flow

  • Speaking of cappies like me, they are patient and disciplined enough to wait if it worth waiting for and if assured that there is light at the end of the tunnel. They are loyal to a fault if they trust you. They sincerely tell you what they feel because they are ashamed to even themselves if they lie to someone they love. If its true love they will wait. If it is true love ( and they usually tell you how they feel when they are convinced that you are serious as well) they will respect your space if that's what you want. If not, you should encourage him to communicate with you - would be better for the relationship. don't leave him suspended. He will run away however painful it would be ( and hide the pain from you.) Be upfront with your problems but not too whinny. He will know real problem from " drama for attention."

  • FLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGG!!!

  • i agree with SV, FLOWWWW OMG! glad to hear from you. Before i forget, i owe you to tell you that i've just got finally back in contact with Lua. I let her know your thoughts about the earthquake and the tsunami alert.

    she told she is fine, they had the alert but the tsunami never reached them, so all is ok.

    I hope Flow you are fine, i'm really happy to hear from you. I have nothing but my gut feeling and i will follow it. He seems so different, so real after all the c-rap of last year. He is worth for me to come back to.

    Hugs to you! :-DD

  • Tellstar>> sooo thank you for your reply. What you wrote is what i believe too about him (Cappies in general). i do feel like he is really worth it. I DID assure him that i wanted to be with him when i am back and try how we two 'work' as a couple. I really hope he believes me, cause he had till now a very wrong imagine about his chances with me. He told me he has never thought having any chance at me. Now he knows he has... so i hope these months fly away fast and we can start something real.

    thanks again for your thoughts on the topic. 🙂

  • Katie - everything is going ok I guess. trying to get over the breakup, and trying to figure out why it is that I can't hold down a relationship of any sort for very long. I'm seriously thinking it's me. maybe I attact the ones who have issues so that it doesn't last very long. I truly try to put out positive vibes and don't intentionally go looking for the ones with problems, but somehow that's all I end up with. My Gem and I were so good when we were together...then it fell apart and he confused the heck out of me. who says they still have feelings for you but break up with you? does that make ANY sense at all to anyone or is it just me that can't wrap my head around it?

    Flow - I missed you, hope all is well with you. looks like you're keeping busy. that's wonderful. 🙂

  • Hello darlings,

    Felt a bit embarrassed seeing the FLOW OMG!!!

    Katie thanks for passing the message and concern to Lua. I hope all is also well with her Cancer friend regarding to what happen in Japan. Send my regards once more when you two hook up.

    Well all I can say about last year crap as you call it was a much needed lesson/growth for you personally. Perhaps a prep for your journey abroad or perhaps for this new guy that has your attention. What it also brought you are friends for life. 🙂 I am glad you are spreading your wings again. Good going!!


    My tender butterfly... I am doing okay. With the normal ups and downs but okay. Still going strong with singing classes and my business venture. Still in contact with Libra and it's a tango as I saw someone else wrote on this forum. Interesting latin dance...LOL.

    You keep your chin up and no need to doubt yourself. I learn lessons each day ...that goes for everyone. You take care and stay focussed.

    (It's late...hitting the sack. Two very weary days.)

  • Oh flight hunny!!! Todo bien.

  • Hey Flow! whenever you might come back and search this thread! Thanks for the wishes! Flight was okay and i safely landed here on wednesday.

    I arranged all my official papers and went to see my boss. i am starting as it looks now on tuesday or wednesday. Tomorrow im going to a course, don't know about what, but it is needed.

    otherwise, i am a tiny bit homesick, but it's okay, can handle it and i know as soon as job starts, it will all go fast.

    place is beautiful as it was before. earlier i lived in the centre, in the city. now i'm living in a little village about 10 mins away from town. it is amazing, relaxing, pretty, typical mediterranian, Small white houses, gardens with orange- and lemon trees. smell of flowers. Sunshine (20 C degrees or so), the beautiful sea.. so i think im gonna be just fine! LOL

    you are right, all the last year's pain and struggle was needed and i know it right. i grew so much, i cant even express in words. sounds kind of silly after all, but i do feel grateful for crab for doing all that to me.

    he is still in touch with me. writes me e-mails, even sent me a textmsg the night before i left home to come here. he sent me a package of chocolates and sweets from Greece. don't know, im guessing in some ways, i am important for him. i dont break my head about him much anymore.

    new guy occupies my mind much more.scary as it sounds for me, but i see future in him, he seems to be a person i could trust and build a future/family with. of course this is too way ahead right now, im just telling.

    with my fast and high emotions and the 'i'll do anything for you' attitude... i am trying to keep it SOOOO cool as never before. slowly moving, one baby step at a time. and anyways, who knows how things will be, once i go home. if he waits, he is very much worth a try.

    ok, so as i read, you are still dancing the tango with mr. libra? well, take the good side, you'll be soon an awsome tango dancer. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLl anyways, i wish you ALL the best and i never forget that you amongst the others were there for me in crucial times.

    glad that still doing the singing lessons!

    oh, Lua's crab is okay too. i think he is in China not in Japan, and i think he is in the south. but anyways Lua talked about him and he is fine. 🙂

    i will tell her again that you think of her. Talk to you some time soon Flow! Take care!

  • Hi Katie,

    So great to read that you settled in. The surroundings you described is just what the doctor ordered. 🙂

    Funny the way you feel gratitude towards Crab. Some people are slow you know. 😉 Yet it’s fun to read how the new guy fits your bill. LOL.

    But yeah…breathe and take things slow. I still do un- and intentionally. Hmmm tango yes passionate and calculated. Life has this rhythm too..LOL At this time people around me have a tough time dealing with all sorts of stuff. Got me preoccupied yet I remain with faith that things will work out. A few already sharing happier news so I am getting optimistic. In my case I had my “debute” singing. The saloon evening didn’t happen with public. Libra was annoyed about that. He literally asked if we were going to sing to the mice?!? LOLLLL

    I picked Anita Baker – Body and Soul. It went pretty well. Blanked for 2 sentences but overall it was good. I texted Libra telling him that he would be my inspiration when I get into the song. LOL. It worked!!!

    I am pleased to hear that Lua and her Crab are doing fine.

    Uhmm I didn’t catch on what exactly you are doing between the Spanish olives and oranges.

    It’s very late. Going to snooze a bit. Take care.


    I saw that you are around on the forum. Waves and sends air hugs!!!

  • hi Flow! yes, i did settle in already. I got already used to go to work daily here and stuff. it is so different than at home. I love the surrandings. i was just talking to a workmate today that it is like vacation, does not feel like real work, even it is incredibly stressy.

    I am working in a hotel as receptionist. 🙂 Ohhhh. LOTS of Dutch people lately. 🙂 they always make me think of you.

    yes, i got wise and i am thankful for Crab for what he dragged me through. I learnt sooo much and grew so much too. would never go back and make it unhappened. funny thing (probably typical) that since i am out of his life for good, he is pushing again. i mean writing mails, sending textmsgs and so on... well, i wont get caught in his web anymore that is for sure.

    cappy is okay for me i guess. i will see. we don't have much contact lately and im also wise with him. not contacting him, waiting he contacts me. 🙂 i am the woman of what? LOL

    getting weird feelings about my exbf too lately. i share an apartment with him since i am here (oh, he is from here and lives here if i didnt have mentioned before).

    he changed incredibly lot. like taking care of things, being considerate. i still have the same guesses about him like before, that whenever he promises something he lets me down later. and he gets me surprised all the time, cause in fact, he never lets me down. if he says he picks me up, he does. if he says he makes the shopping he does... etc... dont know. I never stopped loving him as a person, but i am not in love with him. at least till now i thought so.

    i still have like 6 months to pass here and things will get figured out natrually i guess. jeez, you never know what life still has in his pockets for you. 🙂

    im glad to hear about the singing. 🙂 it is so important to do something 'extra' in life that you love. makes life more as a whole and gives you positivity. 🙂

    and are you still on the same page with Libra than you were before? i mean getting to know each other? how do you feel about it all? you still feel he is worth it?

    anyways, i hope you look back here some time and i get to know about you here and there. would be a shame to lose contact completely!

    take care, Katie

  • My dearest Katie,

    Gosh time does fly. Sorry about the late response. I am behind with all my emails etc to everyone I normally write to. So much going on around me and not really in the mood to be very chatty with anyone.

    I am so pleased that at the time you wrote that your stay felt like vacation. I think that is how life should be..:-) . The weather here is incredibly nice. Tropical temperature if it keeps up I don’t need to make vacation plans. Yeah the Dutch are travellers at heart...being doing it since they knew how to make a

    We (people) never stop learning even we get 80 or older we still learn new things about people we thought we knew or discover new things about ourselves. I had my thoughts about Crab and all. And you are right that you have “grown” tremendously. I am delighted..and you know that. As for him sending’s a need he has and as long it’s not stalkish don’t worry too much about that.

    Too funny your approach with Cappy!! Too funny!! LOL

    The exbf!!! Why doesn’t that surprise me. Let me see...warm temperature, vacay feeling, nice job, more confidence about ourselves. Equals attractiveness for some, need to make amends for pass mess ups etc etc. And you are only human. I am a gut person so I will say here also trust your gut girl.

    Libra is good. Turns out that I am more complicated than expected. Uhmm did I just say that?...LOL Lots happened some good and some less good. We are still talking and figuring things out as we go. If I feel he is still worthed? Yes I do. He has been supportive and a pain in the behind at others. And I am not a saint either in this case. I have been asked to move to his city which is still an issue for me. So it’s been discussed and left to rest at the moment. Friends don’t agree with me but I will see. Anyways I got my hands full with all sorts of things on my end and so does he. I saw him last week. I had a consultation...LOL 🙂

    It’s very late now ...heading to bed. I hope you have a great week and I will catch up a.s.a.p.

    Say hi to Lua for me and do take care,


  • Hey,

    so sorry i haven't written in 3 months... i feel bad about it, but work majorly sucks down all my energy.

    I am soon finishing though and then i stop being a robot zombie and become a walking talking responding human being again.

    Any time i have Dutch clients though, i always think of you. And also cause some days ago, i went on a date with a Scorp. LOLLLLLLLLLLL Nooo, i won't be Moon and won't be Kel. 😄

    I really really hope you are doing fine. If you can please give a sign of life and i hope we can still exchange some letters here and there. I mean, as if you still drop in here, cause i have no other means to conact you.

    Sending you my best thoughts,


    ps: this summer was so so growing up for me again. i feel i found a 7 mile big shoe (my country's expression LOL) and im running in it. So so many things down on me, not mentally but emotionally too. so many things we talked about and i understood with my head, i understand it with my heart too. i feel i grew so much that i have right now SUCH a powerful calm inside of me. 😄 and whenever i run through these thoughts, i always think of you, and lilshorty and stranger (soon she is gonna have birthday) and all the little crew we had. 😄 ok, i stop now. LOL xxx

  • Now this put a much needed smile on my face. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii and waves LOL

    I did wonder about you. Glad to hear that you are okay. Yes we all have been very busy. I hope you heard from Kel. And no ..I don't think you would be Moon or Kel regarding your contact with a Scorp. I think we raised you well...LOL

    I am so please that our elaborate chats have been useful and that you are the powerfull calm supergirl at the moment ;-D.

    I have been around here a bit more than planned. I have been drawn for some reason and had some questions of my own.

    I haven't heard from Shorty for a good while. She lost her mom a few months back so I am imagining that she is still mourning in some way. Adventure is doing ok. SV has been on the forum but I haven't heard from her the last couple of weeks. She is dealing with some family issues.

    When are you heading back home? Have you picked up any Dutch words. I hope the Dutch clients you met have behaved themselves...LOL.

    SV and Adventure asked if the get together was still a go. I said what I am concerned Amsterdam is still on the list. hihi. Adventure might be travelling to these parts next year. MAYBE!!!

    I am okay. Just experiencing some Mercury retro backlash that has just messed up my mood a bit. School is starting soon for my son so I will be getting some peace and quietness.LOL

    So in short I am doing fine...LOL.

    Catch up soon,


  • Hey Flow! :-))))))))))))

    So glad you are still around.

    I did hear from Moon and Kel too. They are right now the only ones who i keep in touch with regularly.

    LOLLLLLLLLLL for raising me well. Yes, you did indeed.

    Scorp… well was funny. All he wanted was sex, so i made it short. but he was otherwise nice and cute. im just…well you know… not like that.

    Oh, i hope you being around here lately more than planned, is not cause you have problems. Geez, i have no time for anything. I’m gonna reconnect with this forum once i’m home again. 😄

    Shorty wrote me a short msg. on fake FB, some weeks ago. She is fine, as she says: still hanging int here. 😄

    About SV haven’t heard for some time. We exchanged an e-mail some time ago, i knew she was dealing with the breakup from Gem, but don’t know about the family issues. I hope she is doing ok. 😄

    Do you have contact to Moon at all? I hope yes, cause she is still dealing with Scorp, and i wish she could just leave him behind. but maybe it is her cross to carry, something that she has to overcome to go one step further. 🙂

    end of this month my contract is over. if they don’t need me longer, i will stay some more weeks for arranging all my official papers and such, but till the end of october i am home already. 😄

    Nooo, i havent picked up any Dutch words. LOL sometimes i understand some things, but since it is so much a mixture of english and german, i cant remember later. 😄

    All Dutch clients behave well, i mean i dont really have problems with them ever. But something that i realized that even if they are easy-going and nice, they pretty much keep to themselves. i mean, i can have a half an hour long convo with spanish and american or british clients, even with italians, but Dutch people, they are not that open in this sense. or they just dont care. LOL you know what i mean?

    But anyways, they are really one of the least problematic kind. 😄

    Fort he question of SV and Adventure: I would LOVE to get together. you dont know how much i would LOVE to see you all in life! But i am realistic about my financial situation and i am sure i wont be able to travel to Bora Bora or any kind of magical island. Furthest i could get would be probably USA East Coast, if it is already out of Europe. in Europe i guess i could get ANYWHERE.

    LOL how long i havent heard of any retro and such. see, i am completely out of touch with my astrological side. hahaha, this month i finally took time though and read the astrologyzone monthly forecast. 😄

    Flow, i hope we keep in touch. i have a lot to thank to you.

    Take care, Katie xxx

  • Hi Katie,

    A very tired person here. Glad to hear that you’re in touch with everyone and they all are doing well under any circumstance. On and off I have been on the board researching things so that is the main reason I am around. No real problems just people (work related) irritated me lately and still contemplating how to deal with them without having their head for dinner.

    Hmmmm so you will be soaking up the sun until October. Sounds soooo good in my ears right now. We haven’t had a proper summer this year at all. Rain, rain and more rain.

    You’re right the language isn’t the easiest to pick up. I was coaching a lady on the work floor that had to learn the language and she still struggles. But I commend her for trying as much as she can. She is from Iran and is an Arabic language teacher...very pleasant woman. It sounds that you got the quiet batch (Dutch client) because they can be just as rowdy as the English in general. LOL

    Don’t worry about Bora Bora...I think the crisis has hit everyone pockets. That destination will remain a dream LOL. Well at least one of my dreams. LOL. We will see what the time brings

    and what plans are feasible.

    I am really pleased to hear that you are doing okay. And Katie no thanks needed here. It was a

    group effort. Big hug and take care.


    PS. Don’t forget Tarot does censor!!!! LOL.

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