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  • Miss Beth

    In ur opinion is spirituality soul level messages the kinds one can get when one aint in charge, say asleep astral travelling for instance?

    Or is it something else? if so, what? would u explain it to me?



  • Dear Charmed,

    I asked Archangel Michael on this to see what he had to say on this subject. Basically, he says, you are being communicated with all the time on a soul level basis. Because it's through your own internal soul -- your spirit -- that divine guidance is communicated through. Everyone has his or her own abilities to receive such guidance. So yes, you can receive it when you are asleep and it's easier for your angels to get through on a subconscious level. Astral travelling is a way to learn about all kinds of information, be it from your earthly plane or your angels'. Your spirit is the one soaring in those instances, so you can go hither or yon to discover a wide scope of knowledge. You also receive messages while you are awake. Divine guidance is received constantly...yet you are more open to receiving it when you ask for help, and ask for guidance to be received.

    If you are asleep, ask to retain the information when you are awake before falling asleep. This will help you remember the messages as well.

    Angel blessings!

    Miss Beth

  • This is interesting, the last bit about astral travel, as i seem to be doing that in my dreams, had a bizzare dream last night, about lots of moons and stars and being someplace else, like i think i was on a different planet lol, Sorry cwb for jumping in, just that last message was really Interesting, about astral travel- I hope you can find your way through your choices CWB.

    Bee Xx

  • Hey AngelBee is ok i hope u find ur replies n path also.

    blessed be

    • Thanks CWB 🙂 I hope so too. I am getting there, slowly. But at least i am starting young that is good. Love ya Bee Xx

  • LUV YA TOO SWEETIE BEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hehee, Awww 🙂 THANKYOU Xx


  • Dear Bee,

    Astral travel is what your spirit does in Heaven on the Other Side. Transporting from point A to point B. When you sleep is when you normally do this because your spirit is free to roam then. You can do this "consciously" as well, but it takes practice. I have not personally done this because I feel like I need to always remain connected to my body. Though I know my spirit doesn't need my body. There are books and materials about this one subject you can get to read up on it. But you may be more content to simply travel in your sleep lol. If you ask to remember your journeys when you awake, before you go to sleep, that may help as well. You can also request to go to see loved ones who have passed, or visit a favorite pet, or even go see the Pyramids if you want to!

    There may be a thread on this as well, I haven't looked. But it would be an interesting topic. From what I've learned so far, you have to meditate and relax your entire body, and have the intention of doing astral traveling, protected of course by Michael always (at least I would request it lol). Then you somehow here a pop or a sound of your spirit separating. That can scare you though and poof, you are back in your body in an instant. It's getting past the fear, and trusting you will be go visiting in this manner.

    Also, I emailed you earlier so let me know when you can. Thanks!



  • Sorry CWB, for jumping in on your thread again, Love ya and i hope you do not mind me posting this



    Thanks, MissBeth. That is interesting. Sometimes i feel like i am having dreams, that are also earthly related too, and i do remember most of them, at times, if i remember all of them, i will feel too tired, that is probably why i do not always remember, i have to get up early in the mornings, for college, and if i dream too much, i will have the little time for sleeping, i dunno if dreaming makes you feel tired, but sometimes it does for me, i only ever need about 5 hours sleep though, cause i go to bed late, and prefer, to do that. its just easier sleeping like that for me. and that is cool about astral traveling, i have visited other people i know from here, and loved ones too. 🙂 i am not very great at meditation yet, and i know i will be with practice, perhaps that is away i can use to call Micheal, as i feel it safer like that some how. But yes i think that is interesting, though my dreaming, astral traveling, can get pretty random, cause i can never tell which is which, and what i am doing lol i sent you an email too. and replied, thank you very much, and i will see what i can do about the stubborn thing lol

    Love and Light Bee Xx

  • I do not mind Bee, not at all.


  • 🙂 aww, that is good, Thank you. Love ya, and hope your well.

    Bee Xx

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