Education Issue CWB asks for insight

  • Hi

    I need insight to my education situation. Dire needed also.

    1. Am i on the right education?

    2. What are the teachers thoughts of me?

    3. If im on the wrong education which is the right one?

    4. will family understand n support me?

    5. Or will they go no more n say end of line?

    I admit ive not been a primestudent, between selfdoubt, not believeing their true words fully, depression n my health throwing me eff curveballs all the time. The latest with my bp really sunk me. please if any would insight me, im gonna appreicate it.

    im sinking, please help!


  • Good Luck, they will. Here is a life raft.

  • BUMP!

  • let me know?

  • Dear CWB,

    Hello! I asked your angels what they wanted you to know about your education journey, and surrounding questions and issues, and I wondered if anyone here on the forum who knows how to contact me direct has your email? I'd like to send you a reading but it's too lengthy to post. Angels are chatty sometimes, and in your case, they are. I know what your life purpose is and what you should be pursuing, as well as some other information that you didn't ask, but may be helpful.

    Let me know! Thanks!

    Angel blessings in the meantime,


  • This post is deleted!

  • i guess admin deleted my email posty lol

  • Dear CWB,

    Thanks! Got it! Will work on and send you later.

    Miss Beth

  • Dear CWB,

    Just sent you your reading. Angel blessings and let me know your thoughts once you get a chance to read it.

    Miss Beth

  • I will missbeth as soon as it lands. seems to take some rounds around the cyber space LOLOLOL

  • This post is deleted!

  • Sure did. Just re-sent it in case it didn't go through the first time!

    Oh wait. It came back. Said you don't have account on yahoo. It was returned twice.

    Can you email me? my screen name is my site name also. Not sure why mine are not going through!

  • This post is deleted!

  • yahell claims it has been disabled or discontinued.

    typical yahell


  • sorry. you have to go to site and mail me that way. I am going to send a test msg to yours to see if it will go thru without attachment.

  • It went though and boy it hit home, its one of the most dead on messages ive had in a long while. im sensing i must ask if u wouldnt mind do one regard love n the 2 men i like a lot. Charlie´and Alden. I love them both but both puzzles me. Alden is like a sane voice of reason n i get the one drop of water at a time, be the tortoise not the hare

    Charlie .................. Charlie, through him i discovered my passionate female hot woman if u get my drift lol ..................... how ever i cant get clear on him n his motives. i feel he i slike the one that got away, the what if n had i been closer in person ..................

    If u dont mind, i wish to ask ur angels n mine regard these 2 men. Ive always sensed felt known i was meant for one of them, but it was never clear which.

    if u cant i understand, i owe u already

    if any sees my reply to u, i recommend u highly. u are one of the best readers ever!


  • Hi Charmed,

    Thanks so much. I feel I must say that the reason your messages were "dead on" was because they came from your angels. Angels can't be wrong because they speak divine guidance, which of course comes from one source, and that is God. Just as they are messengers of His, I am their "messenger" here to get their messages to you.

    You know, I didn't clutter your reading with your romance lol because you were very specific about wanting to know about your educational path. But to be honest, Michael was here talking about your romance. And I thought, that's odd because she doesn't want to know about that, she wants to know about her educational path. He said put it in your reading anyway, and so I did. At least some of what they said. I'll go back and post that on the forum if okay.

    Have you ever been married? Or felt married to someone? they referenced that and I'm confused personally because you mention two males and I don't believe you are married to either one of them. Let me know. thanks!

    Miss Beth

  • Hey Miss Beth darling angel

    Ive never been married n i feel "married" when i talk to my men. Its uncanny. Alden when i talk to him is like we´re not afar n we "get" each other. In the sense we know by now where the other is on all things. We swing. I´d b HONORED to b close to him, married or not.

    Charlie is like a karmic bond that goes so far back in past history i cant see how far. I havent asked. I feel its a very long pre ancient bond even. Is juss when he n i speak i hafta watch my tongue n now say yes husband to him LMAO

    whenever i envision my kids he pops up in my view.

    at 1st when i saw my kid i thought Alden was the dad, but i totally forgot i had corkcurls as a kid n Charlie also has that kinda wacy curly hair so ugh lol

    so again elloooooooooo curve ball from out west LOLOLOL

    post away here if its easierr for u. Whatever is okay by me sweetie,

    i OWE u!

    cwb feeling silly hahahahahaah

  • Hi Charmed,

    Thanks for the explanation on the marriage thing. It must be your feeling "married" that I was picking up on. In Heaven, you see, they don't have licenses lol. You can be married in the eyes of God and not have a license as we know it here. To Heaven, loving another is what's important. Sounds like you love two! There is never enough love our angels say. The more you have in your heart to give others, the better they are and the better you are for having given it.

    Your angels say that they need you to make a commitment. That you are waffling back and forth and they don't even know what you truly desire because they don't think you truly know. They understand the fun-ness of having both men in your life. It sure beats being lonely. But, to be fair to all parties concerned, your angels say "Choose." It all starts with a choice. Your angels say to sit down when you can carve out the quiet, and think of each of the two men. You already know who you are, but they want you to think of yourself spiritually. At where you are on your spiritual journey. Your "soul" plane.

    Then, compare where you are to Alden. Then compare where you are to Charlie. Don't use your mind, or your ego in this exercise. Don't think about all the stories or memories you share. Just zero in on this one topic of spirituality. The answer on whom to "pursue" will be very apparent to you because it will be the one to whom you are most spiritually connected and to whom you are closest to on the soul level.

    Next, don't let it meander they said. It takes two to commit to an ongoing relationship of any kind. Spiritual connections are longlasting recipes to forever and after. You have to be true to yourself and to your own hopes and desires. And just vocalize them. Because you are asking this man to make his own commitment to you. He has free will just as you do. He has to choose what is right for him. So give him that space to do so.

    Is he the only spiritually-connected man you will ever meet to form a relationship with? No. All you have to do is ask your angels to connect you with spiritually-minded people just like yourself. It's time to move forward they say to the next level. Stagnation is not moving forward. It takes action. Is it scary? Of course it is. But it's time to start living your future...but you have to find it far as relationships go.

    Angel blessings dear Charmed,

    Miss Beth

  • Thank u so much MissBeth. Ill do the excersize for sure. Stagnation hum n here i thought yoyo land lmao!

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