Help me out ? D: mistreated aquarius here...

  • So, I work with this person whom is born on 22 August 1984.

    And lately, I've found her to be acting so adverse and rude towards me. Can anyone tell me why this is ? 😞 ( in form of a reading or something, perhaps ?)

    She's my manager, and I just can't stand it any longer. It's really come down to such a point of where I'm left wondering when would be the best time to quit.. tomorrow ? 2 weeks time ? Or next month ? (I've been planning to resign any way)

    She raises her voice at me in front of other customers, when as a manager she should really just ask to speak to me in private. She patronises me in an adverse tone for no good reason, on the shop floor also. I find that to be reallllly extremely rude, and it saddens me I guess.

    I'm really hard working, but If i'm being honest, I'm losing all patience and interest in my job because of it. 😧

    Today feels like the last straw, I really don't feel like going in any more.

    But I'm also very much curious as to whhhhyyy she's even being like this towards me. I don't want to make excuses for a person, as i don't think I should be treated this way..

    Please help ! x o x o x

  • Ethereal27, Honey the way i deal with this kind thing is like this.

    in our every day life, things happen, good and bad and people behave in certain way with us

    but if we start to take everything personally or trying to make too much sense of things we may sometimes drive ourself crazy,


    it III matter what is happening or why she doing it, deal with her like you be dealing with anyone else, speak to her and share your discomfort with her

    you are ready to walk out the door so better you give all you got if you are ready to do this

    Imagine for a moment that the way she is with you right now as nothing to do with you, Imagine she lost someone or are going through a hard time, you may be jumping to the wrong conclusion.

    Anyway in my view whatever it’s happening to her , SHE has absolutely no right to treat you this way

    STAND up for yourself and let her know this, let her know you can take action against her and report her and take action

    Honey there is no reason to be stress here, focus on your solution and resolved this issue, it’s not big if you dont see it big

    you can deal with this issue.

    dont take it personally, ever she may not like you thats her problem not yours .


  • Yesterday, we had some big management come to visit our store..It makes sense, she feels inadequate when ever they're around, and takes it out on others around her, this time it was me.

    I still feel it was unjust of her to do so. But yes, as I do plan to leave and intend to, I've been letting the situation play out. I do have it in mind to confront her as I am yet to receive any apology from her or any confrontation of the matter, because to my knowledge, another member of staff has addressed her on it already. since my speaking with them about the situation. (They're also another manager)

    Anyway, from what I witnessed, the bigger managers seemed to be kindly informing her that she needs to improve on her job as a manager, to which she doesn't always take well with criticism and seemed a little upset/insulted.

    It wasn't so much that i took it personally, but I could distinguish from the way she was talking to me, her actions and words were very adverse towards me, I had never seen/known her to talk to anyone else in that manner, so why does she feel she can do so with me ? I look very young, and I appear really shy and quiet..kind of reserved.

    Prior to this situation, she attempted to get personal information from me about my homelife and so forth, which I deemed to be irrelevant for our work together, as work for me is not a counselling session, I'm not obligated to pass on any personal information like that. Since then, she has been acting all over the place with me.. one minute friendly, next very patronising, next losing her temper with me.

    I've had other leo women kind of hate on me and treat me weird/in a rude manner when they do not know me at all. I just wondered out of curiosity, what this one's deal was. Because I have never ever been rude or adverse towards her.. so I just can't understand the need for her to be that way with me.. It baffles me.

  • By the way, the binnger managers confrontation with her, had nothing to do with me. They were inspecting the store's standards, that's all.

    And she is always stressed more than usual when that time occurs. Still, it's no justifiable reason to be rude, at least I think so anyway.

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