Star Sign Countries

  • I looked on wikipedia and saw that some signs have countries related to them for example it said Cancer is Related to Japan or Tokyo, this may be because Japan has traditional values that are widely known today which is like cancer who holds traditional values. Others were Aquarius and Turkey, Pisces to Brasil, and Aries and Gemini To England. I was wondering if anyone knew why this is. What each signs country is, and what effect would it have on the countries inhabitants. Thanks

  • Had never heard this, but it makes sense to me! Will try to go to Brasil earliest!

  • I'm a gemini in England! So I'll stay put!!!

  • States and cities have a birthday, just like people do. Whenever the country was formed or incorporated. I always heard Japan was a Libra country and England a Capricorn. I have a book on the birthdays of other countries and states. I know that the USA is a cancer and maybe that is why I have had a hard time, who knows?? I know I loved Texas, a capricorn state and I am a capricorn. I was born in Hawaii and loved it there but the sign changed after it was made a state.

  • Thanks for the replys people. The birthday of a state, city or place seems like a good theory to me, i wonder if its true? You can always tell the difference in character between places. e.g France and China. I think England might be a Gemini country because its the founder of tennis which is said to be a gemini sport. England might also be a Aries counrty because of the english empire and war ect. Maybe Brasil is for Pisces because of the Amason river and all the fish there. Brasil is known for dancing salsa I read somwere that pisces are meant to be good at dancing. As a Pisces Im not sure if thats completely true, maybe lol. I would like to go there though.

  • lol the three signs of the people who replyed to this discusion make up my Sun Rising and Moon signs. Pisces Gemini and Capricorn. I wonder if its fate.

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