I am in love with Virgo man. It is VERY COMPLECATED. HELP!!!

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  • Vic, what you do for your daughter in law is really nice and decent of you. I truly believe that this is a case of synchronicity, by the way. She was "catapulted" back into your life for a reason. Observing her going through the same process that you are going through will make things clearer for you. Very often we don't really care about our real interests, and think we can cope. I don't mean an immediate gratification kind of interest, but what's best for us on the long run. And very often we would put up with something that we would never want our daughter to put up with. So this is your chance to see what's really going on. Also bare in mind that your own daughter is watching you and is being "programmed" for her future relationshop patterns. By the way, as I said on this forum before, I've been living with a Virgo man for a long time, and for the last 5 years have successfully managed to be happy despite of him being a Virgo. Well, finally I've more or less decided to gather courage to leave, as I've realized that being happy despite somebody's unhealthy behavior patterns is just not good enough for me. Hope I'm strong enough to carry it through as soon as I can afford it. It's been a difficult year. My dad has just passed away, my twin sister is receiving a chemo treatment after a breast cancer, and now my Virgo boy friend has started doing the same escapistic things he was doing 10 years ago - he is making some kind of romantic scrap book of his previous relationship. 🙂 Possibly getting back in touch with his unavailiable ex flame. He tries to do it in secret of course, locking himself with his lap top in the bathroom, but living under the same roof, I can still see, what's going on, and I hate seing myself getting pulled back into this vortex of insecurity and compulsion to find out things about him. He, of course, says none of it is important, he loves me and he wants us to continue living together, but I don't think I can take it. So, painful as it is, I've decided to leave again. This time for good.

  • 😞 sad to hear of the breakdown of your relationship vs,

    But glad you are finding strength to think about leaving because really living in that kind of environment is soul destroying.....I really feel for you....


  • Thank you, Forevervirgo, I think I'm doing not to badly. Taking time to get in touch with my strength 🙂

  • Here is my update ladies… Well in the past 3 weeks there where both fireworks and downfalls. When I felt down I tried kindly (friendly and sincere) end all this for good for both of us. I emailed him saying that this cant continue in same manner. I even lied to him saying that I just started seeing someone else and lets just let each other go in piece. I hoped it will touch his ego and he will leave me along. Guess what 3 days later he wrights me: “you are absolutely right, we can just be friends with no s-e-x. I treasure your friendship a lot.” An hr later he asked me what I was doing (I was tanning on my deck), he asked if he can join me, just to chat. He came over and brought me lunch. We spent 3 hrs chatting, laughing, talking about work and etc. He tried to touch me and I did not respond. He looked at me sad, kissed me in a cheek good bye. He asked what I will be doing at night, I said I will stay in and watch a movie. I told him if he wants to join me, he can come back later. He did. We where laying down on the bed together watching movie. He did not make any more moves that night. 3 days later he texts me if I am home. He brings me lunch again and we just hang out. He had hard time keeping his hands of me.. We ended up having s-e-x.. And it was great. Then his best friend (a girl) shows up at my house as well. She was so excited to see me. She was keep saying how happy she is seeing us both together again and blah-blah-blah. I know he talks to her about EVERYTHING that is going on with his wife and me. So she would be the only one to know how he feels. Based on her reaction towards me I could say that he was miserable lately.

    I felt like I made a mistake that day having s-e-x with him, even though it was amazing.

    He came by my place several times during last a few weeks. We had sex each time. He even sneaked out of his home while his in-laws were visiting. They are cruel. Very controlling towards him. When they are visiting he does not come out of the house at all. And this time he came at 10PM and stayed till midnight. I am sure he got in trouble for that after.

    Here we go. I am starting feeling we are back to the same affair routine. Nothing changed. Once again I am telling him to STOP all this. He agrees. Then he shows up at my house on Mon night while I am playing with my daughter on front porch. He spent 30 min playing with her. It was the first time she met him but I was amazed how these 2 got along. She did not want to let him leave. She was hugging and kissing him good bye when he was leaving. Later that night she was spelling his name on a paper over and over again and was asking when this guy will come back to play with her again. OMG!!!!!!!

    Last night I was sitting at my backyard, making fire, playing guitar having a few beers, just by myself. I sent him a pic of my fire burning and he immediately responded he wishes he would be there, but cant leave a house since his wife went away for a week and he is at home with kids. Then he adds: “its better this way. I enjoy it more being along with them. No bad energy around”

    Oh, I am so lost, I am so tired fighting for him or fighting against him. Its being 9 month of roller coaster and we are still at the same spot were we started. We just cant let each other go neither let each other completely to one another’s life. Brrrr… It wears me off so much 😞

  • oh VoplySoply.. I feel for you, wow, you are at the other side of the fence than me. Wow, regardless where you are (as his wife/partner or his mistress) none of these are happy places to be at. Why cant they make one single woman happy. Regardless which one. Are they even capable of this? Or they so much enjoying their misery!!! I do not get this!!!

  • Vic013, Virgos are spineless folk, so they can't commit themselves to one person only. There will always be distractions. I believe it's my responsibility to make myself happy, not his, so I don't see him as my partner anymore, just a room mate and a friend (he can be a great fun when he is not on a crusade of "improving" me). And yes, they do enjoy their misery. Deep down they are prone to emotional masochism.

  • VS if I were to get a roommate, I would much rather live with a Virgo. Too bad you two were intimate. I would live with my Virgo even now, except I have already been intimate with him and he would be too jealous and controlling of my male friends. Yet, he is extremely responsible and very orderly, great for roommate material.

  • Absolutely, ABB ! He is a great room mate. Not sure I am 🙂 But yes, he is controlling of my male friends, and I dare say, jelous as well. Isn't it strange ?

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