Could anyone do a Tarot spread for me and the reading?

  • I like a guy, he know that I am a gay, all my classmates do. About him, I'm not sure, that's what bother me. I did confess to him, that I like him, but he told be that he is not Bi-sexual, he just joking about it but I wonder when did he actually joke about his sexuality.

    The reason I believe that he likes me, is because there are time he really try to approach me, but I shut him down. For I fear that I will like him, liking a straight guy is the worst situation for a Gay. Soon, he started to become emotional (as I observed) and post something in his Facebook, something like this (When I confirm it is you, do not distrust my commitment to you, I really throw out my Heart). There are even time that He post in his Facebook something like this (Do not sees the surface only, words doesn't represent anything, think about WHO YOU IGNORE TODAY), make me believed that it was written to me. Because I am the one ignoring him and try to get away from him. There are quite many times, he seems to respond to my facebook wall which I wrote to him.

    Perhaps I'm dreaming, it could written to someone else, not me. I could be a coincidence, therefore I did something considered daring to me, I confess to him, in facebook chat. That's where he told me that he is not bixsexual, he just kidding. But as I remember I never heard him said this kind of thing. I was devastated, I thought I lost hope, but there again he posted something in his wall, giving me some extra lights, some hope. Unfortunately I doubt it, it could be something else or for someone else, since he had straight told me that he is not bi-sexual, I think that I should not think too much, Currently, we hardly chat or communicate, although we see each other everyday because he is my classmate. He seems quite distant from me, I wonder why, perhaps he feel cocky? I really not sure.

    The entire situation here is really confusing, for the moment I just stay away from him until I reach a conclusion. I really confused and not sure what is the prospect and what should I do. I hope that you could do a spread and reading for me regarding the situation here, whatever the spread that you think is appropriate as you are the expert. Millions of thanks. I really appreciate your volunterary help, It will be very useful.

  • Dear confuser,

    I have read your post, and would like to mirror what I see with the Tarot cards, this may help to clarify your feelings, show what is going on in this situation.

    Because you have experienced suffering or heartache in the past, you may not be willing to extend yourself now.

    You won't want to be alone, or have a part time relationship, even though you will be receptive to those who come around, the time will not be ripe yet to reap the full harvest, yet you both will and/or will be thinking about maybe getting together.

    You are thinking about love, or what it would be like to live with someone or get married, but you are having a tug of war between your head and heart.

    This is a very emotional time, you are maybe having some sexual preffereces, but it looks like great feelings of devotion and love have been evoked around the two of you. The e-mail you sent him was an attempt to encourage the support of this feeling, he is flurtatious.

    You may feel that if you get together it would only be a superficial relationship, with no real depth or giving of ones self. You are hoping that a new approach will be successful.

    You will get an unexpected message, call or response from someone who has a crush on you. or this has already happened,( the facebook issue)

    . Someones actions or attitude will make you think twice about seeing him again, starting up again, or continuing the relationship.

    You will be in the process of breaking away from the past, this may make you sad, because you feel like you will never forget or stop loving that person.

    Things are going to be different, and you'll have a change of consciousness for the better. You may feel that you have made a wrong choice in a partnership, even though it seemed to be the right choice at the time.

    Make a decision about what you want, and don't allow others to pressure you.

    There may also be an invitation, dinner, lunch.

    You will see no point in dwelling on an existing relationship problem, and will pull yourself out of it by directing your energies elsewhere. You may be unhappy due to unfulfilled desires, and also may be feeling mistreated and are looking for a way out of this relationship.

    Don't let your desire color what is. Refuse to accept less than what is correct in people or settle for what is "so- so". A sow's ear dressed up to look like a silk purse is still a sow's ear. Put your ideas to the test. You will be unfulfilled because of the lack of interest expressed by another, and unfulfulled romantic desires. There will be romantic opportunites coming, but there will be stiff competition because you want your ideal lover.

    I hope this helps, have a wondeful day, and please reply with what you think about this reading. I am a student, learning how accurate the readings can be with practice.

  • Dear Confuser,

    In time you will meet and talk with many people who will encourage you and help you to build more confidance in yourself, (not that you are not already confident,) and they will be friendly, sociable, or flurtatious, and you'll love being with them. Your wish for fulfillment is drawing near, romantically. You will be anxious about how things will turn out in the future but hope they will... however involvement will be slow, and the time may not be right yet. Clearly define what you want or hope to accomplish. You may also be surprised by a sudden flurtation, seduction, or romantic interlude.

    It looks like a happier more relaxed personal life is in store for you, as well as an increase in social activities and the entry of an ardent sweetheart or lover, a new one?

    Take your mind off of your work, your lover, or the problem, and do something else. See to your needs first.

    Just some caring advice, hope this helps, take care.

  • Hi luv2laf... What you mentioned here is really what I am feeling and experiencing !!! Somehow I haven't see there is other romantic opportunities on the way, besides him, maybe in the immediate future. I am trying not to think about him and break away from this feeling, and yet feeling that I am cheating on myself, my own feeling.

    Anyway I am a bit confused, is it means that someone else will step in, only to make me to feel and think for the person I like even more? The third person will make me more conscious of my own feeling? So what is the tarot suggestion about the relationship of me with the person I like? Does it tell me to go for someone else, and left this feeling aside because the one I like might not be the right choice? Or am I keep cheating on myself, doubting everything that seems right?

    Thank you for your guidance, it really been a very good help and clarity


  • Hi there confuser, sorry to confuse you. Even if someone new enters into the picture, you won't unite with someone on any real level because your heart belongs to, or is commited to, another. You say that the one you like is being a little cocky maybe, or distant, this is not a favorable sign to me. I think that by being honest with yourself and being around people that make you feel the way you want to feel is so important. It is so easy to be enticed by a challenge, or to be smitten with a coy love them and leave them type, untill we learn that this is not something that will bring us respect and love in the future. I am not aware of the whole picture, more facts need to be explored and communicated with him. I see that you want to express the things in your heart to him, but cannot and will not be content to be a surface lover. I am curious, is he married, and are you and him having an affair?

  • Hi again Confuser, skip that last question about having an affair.

  • As much as I know he is single, and of course I am single too... x ) It doesn't matter and I'm glad to share it with you ^^

    Ok for more clarity, in case I mistaken the meaning of the reading that you did for me.

    Does the tarot cards pointed that it is not one-sided or there are feelings on both side? Perhaps I am not content enough and perceived it as a surface feeling. At the same time he does not know how to express himself and leave it like that? This is also something that I can't sure about, hope the tarot does give me some clue...If this is the situation, maybe I should be content that he has feeling on me, things will work out in the natural way if we are fated to be together? Focus more on other thing so that I could be in peace with myself.

    Or is it that, he has no crush on me, neither is there be any possibilities, then I should just look somewhere else rather than staying here meaninglessly. Why give my heart to him, when there are other people deserved it? Channelling the energy to the right person and things.

    Which way the tarot pointed? That he has feeling for me, or I should stop dreaming of it?

    Anyway, when I re-read your first reply, I found that it does really explain what I felt, really !!!

    But is it possible that you can share with me, what spread that you did the reading for me and what card had turned out? I have my own deck of Marseilles Tarot, but I more than often fail to interpret it. I wish to learn more on this as well. x )


  • Hi Confused, I will be back on Saturday, I look forward to sharing, and will give you the spread then, I have to run, have a great day.

  • Hello there Confuser, I wish you a lovely day!

    Here is the spread that I used. (8 cards, called the Spiritual Guidance Spread).

    The first position is where you are now, or that which concerns you.( The Ace of Wands.)

    The second position is the force or motivation behind your desire. (The Emperor(

    The third position: What is the underlying problem. (7 of wands)

    The fourth position is what you need to understand that you are not aware of. (10 of cups)

    The fifth position is what you need to do to come to terms with your problem. (Page of wands).

    The sixth position: What is the best way to proceed in order to carry out the advice given.(Ace of swords).

    The seventh : Spiritual Guidance concerning your future: ( Judgement ).

    The eighth position is your ultimate attainment: (The knight of cups) An invitation?

    We can go through this together in more detail, but first, lay the cards out from left to right. The first card will act as a slider to all of the other cards, under the other cards one at a time for more detail about the focus and relating to the other cards. Intuitively write your impressions down on paper, a little at a time, maybe a couple of days to hear the spirit whisper the answers to you.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with, and have a wonderful day!

  • From your spread, I'm kind of agree with what you said, except the part when u mentioned that there will be someone else (perhaps) that could make me think about the person I like, maybe I wana give it a shot again... which card or combination that draw such a conclusion, I really curious. And about I am not satisfied by being the surface lover, or, desire unfulfilled? what card or combination foretold it, I really wish to know x )

    From what I understood from your spread, it told me to control my desire, cut through all the confusion, and believe in myself, my own judgement and instinct. It does pointed me to go forward with this relationship but I have to destroy my doubts and false desire. The outcome of the (Knights of Cups) anticipated that there will be a good news coming, not that swiftly, maybe it could represent him coming towards me at the end but not in my expected way, but it might be slowly and calmly. This could happen if only I open up myself, not being over-defensive and not facing the challenges like what being manifested from (7 of wands). There is a better future, a bliss, a happiness ahead which i refuse to believe in, (ten of cups) signify that I should be aware of the upcoming bliss combined with the (knight of cups), something good is coming. But I have to control my desire and being logical (The emperor) signified me. Deep inside my heart, there is a desire for me to go forward, recently my passion was startled , perhaps i'm started to aware of something (Ace of Wand), that's why I feel like going further into this relationship, that's why I consult with Tarot. (Page of wands) told me to go with my passion, left out my fear, my passion has been ignited by (the Ace of wands), so the page told me to go with my passion, that's how I can overcome my challenges which is being too defensive (7 of wands). Furthermore, (Ace of Swords) advise me to cut through my confusion, to have inner strength, ask the inner spirit of what I want, and what I need. Add all this up, it could mean that he and me can go further, perhaps not swiftly, but calmly, but there is an opportunities, first I have to change my attitude.

    Maybe this is what I want to see, therefore I interpret it in a positive manner, do provide me with more clarity and point out my misinterpretation, this is what I really need for this reading.. haha...

    Anyway, to provide myself with more information, I eventually draw a very same spread of this (spiritual guidance spread) on myself...

    The result is this:

    First pos: The Chariot

    2nd pos : 2 of swords

    3rd pos: 4 of swords

    4th pos: 3 of wands

    5th pos: 5 of coins

    6th pos: 10 of swords

    7th pos: page of swords

    8th pos: The force

    (The chariot) meand that I am set to go forward (at least my desire) maybe a bit impulsive? Or perhaps this is the path of victory that I could get what I want, set everything in motion, and charging forwards. But at the same time I am mediating, being back off trying to understand my own desire, but it might probably means that I refuse to see the truth. Perhaps I really want to control my own desire and go forward (Chariot) but somehow behind my motivation and desire there is a negative force that put me in the defensive mode. This problem further explained by (4 of swords) that I am retreating myself and not seeing the truth perhaps, or I am turning deaf ears into the entire situation. There is really a tug of war of my mind and heart. (3 of wands) told me that the partnership of me and him is possible, I have the strength to do so, look farer away, don't just see the surface, the outcome is promising, good things might arrive, I just have to believe it and accept my vision, which to have a relationship with him. (five of pentacle) might warn me not to let the relationship goes into ruin, the positive outcome is not far from reaching, but I just walk pass by it, unable to see it, this is my biggest problem. (Ten of words) could signify the end of struggle, this is how I should proceed, end all the struggle, all the inner struggles. It it the time to put down all those fears, defenses, and sorrow. It it the time to bring and end on it. Come out, a new beginning must be started, but not if I failed to let go the past suffering and current fear and tug of war. (page of swords) the messenger of messenger, is asking me to cut all the confusion Seek the truth, what I want and need, my mind and heart should act together- defends what I think is true. (The force) encourage me to charge forwards with enormous of strength and confidence. Nothing too big to be tackle, (Chariot) prompt me to control my emotion, thats the way to charge forward in a direction, and the (Force) told me that now I have the strength, go for it and conquer my inner fear. I have the strength to draw on. Positive outcome is possible, but i have to control my desire and fight off my inner fear, there be be fortunate outcome (3 of wands). Swords is prominent in this spread, shows that there is a lot of struggle and inner conflict. The entire spread told me to throw away all my fear and be confident. Positive future might be there (although not clearly shown- might or might not) but i have to conquer my inner fear, and charge forward! Again, I might interpret this in a positive manner because this is what i wish to believe, wanting to believe that there is a positive outcome for me and him. Please point out the defect in my reading!!! Your help and clarity will help a lot x )

    But to me, the spread that I draw might be coherent with your spread drawn, what do you think? what do you think these 2 spread are trying to tell me? Thank you for your help and reply. It really means a lot to me, and it does'nt help a lot! !!

  • Good evening Confuser, I will read your spread back to you with the way that I am learning. I also appreciate how you interpret the cards, it is free flowing and quite artistic, almost poetic, with intention, passion.

    Chariot, here are some suggestions about what the card is saying. The focus is on introspection, reevaluation, and decisions of passion; confusing issues that make you reexamine your affairs and ask questions such as " Should I do this or that?''Is it this or that?" 'Will it work out or won't it?" You want to share your deepest feelings but will keep them to your self because you can't find an "outlet " or won't want to run the risk of being vulnerable.

    2of swords, moving ahead with anticipation in spite of fear, doubt, or confusion; making decisions; and aligning yourself with supportive or responsive friends. You want to move ahead without restriction, and want a lover or romance. Is he a Cancer?

    4of swords; You may experience a feeling of being cut off, or out of touch, but your determination to overcome negative conditions will win out .You may feel that your partner's not holding up his end, participating enough, or willing to sustain the relationship by applying effort toward maintaining it.

    3 of wands; A difficult decision (like "Should I or shouldn't I?) will soon be made about a relationship. When your heart speaks listen. If something dousn't serve you, drop it.If theres something you can do, do it; if you can't, drop it.

    You may also make a decision to forgive and forget the past, and to get on with the future and the now.(Strength card)

    It looks like a lover will call, someone from your past, maybe this guy? You may be making plans for a union, and may start to see things in a much brighter light. If a new lover comes along you will not be able to commit because of an attatchment to the past. So to answer your question, there may be many interested lovers, but they cannot compete with this guy that you want.

  • Oh.. I really appreciate your reading too >< anyway, how you anticipated that he is a Cancer? He is really a Cancer !!! Sun sign in Cancer and Moon in Taurus x )

  • I asked quickly who or what sign he is, as I was replying to you, and turned over the King of cups.

  • I saw in my minds eye the King of pentacles as well, in some books it is Taurus, in others it is Gemini, so I was hesitant to say this card, but it has knawed at me, so thank you for clearing that up for me.

  • I see where I picked up on the Taurus, it is the Page of Swords, shown in your reading, not the King of pentacles.

  • (News) Maybe the Page of Swords represents the time (April 20 - May 20), since it could be in the near future position. A call from, or the arrival of an admirer will change many things. This will be a very unexpected and much welcome turn of events in the feelings department. A possible outcome?

  • about the king of cups and king of pentacles, it is relevant to him. Sun sign as his outer appearance as what people perceived him (it is Cancer). But another strong factor is the inner self, the subconscious of him which is his Moon sign is (Taurus). King of cups, the card you drawn represent his Sun sign, his outer appearance, but you sense that there is another strong factor which is his Moon sign in Taurus. This is what I think when you drawn the card. You sense that these 2 factors highly influence his behavior and attitude, that represents him. Haha..... this is only my opinion.

  • Perhaps the Page of swords represents his Taurus quality which is his Moon sign rather than the King of pentacles? Perhaps it is him who is being represented by the (page of swords) as representing his inner self, the moon sign, to inspire me to act like Page of Swords, or it could be someone else with this quality, or it just about the timing which is April 20- May 20. I try to figure out how it appear in my life x ) Anyway, again I wish to thanks you because your interpretation does provide me with much more clarity than my own reading alone.

  • Dear Confuser, thank you for the practice. I wish you well.

  • Really thanks for your help, I hope there will be chance for us to study on the tarot together again in the future. God bless you ><

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