New Crush i need help!

  • Hello! I need help. there is this guy i have alot in common with and also a few differences. He is a dancer like me and likes anime.He has a job and often practices his dance at a studio. He is to busy to ALWAYS talk to me. but i really like him. we made plans for friday. and i just want to know if friday we WILL meet up and iff it will go well. also i would like to know if we will get into a relationship. im trying to take this slow and spend quality time to win him over.

    My birthday : April 10th 1994

    His birthday: may 9th 1990

    My name: Eva rosa rivera

    His name: Nelle Ivan Monzon

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  • what? i just said im taking it slow o_e how am i rushing? by talking to him trying to spend time? i just said up there i wana take my time. im not trying to rush anything i really like the guy and rushing isnt guna help anything at all i just need a reading on how we are going to turn out. like ya know..if ill be with him or not. i guess ill tell you about us BOTH. mains things we have in common would have to be we both love jrock, kpop and of course hip hop. We are both dancers and both good at heart. music means everything to us so im glad that we have that in common. he even likes to cosplay (anime costumes) like me and watches some of it too. i just want a reading on us thats all

  • Well, i would just like to echo CWB's comments...You are not even on your first date yet:),But its great you have allot of things in common, but this good also be a good friendship

    by the way if it was yesterday, being Friday how did it Go?



  • He got called in for work sadly! ]: oh well theres always sunday! he has a performance so im going we are both dancers after all him being better so i really wana learn from him. we have alot of differences though to. hes a little on the preppy pretty boy side and im a rocker girl XD i guess oposites attract though he said i was really swet and cute. im trying to plan a double date though with our frnds they already go out. but im the shy nervous type so having them around for a double date would make things a little easier. then around evening go our separates ways . i just dont wana like get hurt. ya know? like if i confessed how i felt later later on in the future and he turns me down..thatd hurt Dx so thats why i wanted a reading

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  • are you NOT reading what i just said? i JUST told you over and over again im taking it slow all i want is a READING i dont NEED advice what more adivce do i need? all i should do is talk to him for awhile. im not repeating myself again i just said im ALREADY taking that adivce alli want is a dam reading T__T

  • I did a spread for you

    2 Of coins

    8 of pentacles

    ace Of Cups - reversed

    From these cards I see he is busy with his career or studies, he is serious about it and is commited to it. His career comes first. 2 of coins and 8 of pentacles show that he might be too busy to start a serious relationship with you, he has a lot going.. Ace of cups reversed could mean you will be disappointed if you expect too much from this friendship.

    These cards add up to 11 which is Justice and then when you break 11 up it ends up being number 2 The high Priestess.. which means you need to weigh the situation realistically and fair.... fair in this case means being fair to you.. not jumping into conclusions as such (Justice) because there are things hidden from you, things you don't know about him yet that might be a factor in the way you feel. ( High Priestess)

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  • cuz i hate when i ask one thing and it takes like forever to be done =___= i already know what youre talking about i just wanted a reading plain nd simple. i already know hes a busy person i should take it slow etc etc so being told that over nd over again is reading was all i asked for T_T i have MY own sisters and brothers to ask advice for and i freely do ask them i dont need advice PLUS the advice of his own best friend whom knows him very well

  • @xxmiinahxx, just my opinion here never bite the hands that feed you,

    Then, all i can say to you is that you have the answers and sometimes a reader can also give you advice in a reading as cwb did, myself and now Gypydreams...for myself this will be a friendship only..both are you are far to busy...But in reality a friendship is a good place to start...

    Love and light sheila

    your welcome



  • thank you MyJouney! you are right .-. i wana be his friend for awhile before anything happends

  • Dear xxmiiinahxx,

    Thought I'd jump in the midst here with your angels' take on the situation. Archangel Michael is the angel in charge of protection. Just think of him like your big brother (and he just happens to carry a sword lol). He says that you have to focus on first making yourself happy and enjoying being in your own "skin" first. When you love yourself, you see the good in not only yourself, but in others around you. He says you love to laugh and that your sense of humor, keeping it as part of your friendships and all relationships actually, will be essential in taking your friendships to the next level.

    Your angels say enjoy this time in your life. Your angels are with you. Michael is protecting your home and family. You and everyone you love are being watched over as well. All your angels have for you is love and they ask that you have the very same emotion for yourself. They say don't "cuss yourself out" or be down on yourself. Because you have an entire lifetime of spiritual growth ahead of you. It will be a wonderous ride, and they ask that you welcome them into your life, in all the days and years ahead, for they have eternity to get to know you.

    Angel blessings to you,

    Miss Beth

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  • cwb i dont need help and advice im already gettin from the very dude who KNOWS the actual person o.0 dont you think that makes moresense to get advice from someone who ones the person? why would i take advice here? youre only saying the SAME thing he told me except he gave possibly the bes tadvice he can and thats join his dance crew and i just did which can get us closer AND also found out he IS interested in me . and so what if he has a job? when you grow older youre only guna date ppl who work only reason i cant see him is cuz i have curfew but pretty soon i wont so i CAN see him. so again i dont need your advice when im getting it from someone who knew him in person for years

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  • hi, I'm not a reader or anything, nor am I here to tell you what to do. however, I've had a few readings here on the psychic thread and I'd like to agree with MyJourney. please do not bite the hand that feeds you. all the readers on here have lives outside of the thread, and they get to readings as soon as they can. sometimes it's in a day, and sometime's it's more than that. you have to be patient. 🙂

    with that said, you can't get mad at the reader for trying to get more information ON YOU so they can give you a proper reading. if you don't give information, you won't get information. just saying.

    if you just met the guy there's probably potential. just go with the flow. why are you so afraid to find out if it will work out or not even before your first date? that doesn't make much sense. you two barely know eachother, and it takes the fun out of getting to know someone.

    please read this as a nice gesture and to know in the future that you need patience for our readers on here. no need to get angry or bash on me too. 🙂

  • Dear ones,

    She is young. We used to be too. Crushes are just that. She will find her own road just as we have. She has to spread her wings and find her way. And so she will. As my angels say, let's move on. And so we will.

    Angel blessings to you,

    Miss Beth

  • i warned cwb i didnt need advice just a simple reading no one listens dont get mad. cuz im hearing the same thing IDK how many times ive heard the same things and i told him or her that already. i HATE repeating myself. ungreatful my ass you dont even know who i AM. ungreatful is someone who rapes their parents wallets everyday i NEVER a day in my life ask for anything. But when i tell someone i dont NEED or WANT advice im already getting from a better sorce then dont push it. i asked for a reading NOT advice. how about cwb grows up and gets the picture on that? whats so hard in understanding I HAVE A GOOD SORCE FOR ADVICE all i want is a simple READING or a SPREAD. he/she got wanred nd didnt listen idk how many times i had to say i didnt need the advice just a spread

    Thanks to missbethsangels

    @: scorpvirgo: if she wanted to know about instead of going aound the bush what ever happend to "tell me more of your situation and who you are." if that was the case instead of random advice im already getting it wouldnt be this way. something SO simple couldve been done but it was like all around the bush

  • Readings always come with advice. lol

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