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  • As a lot of you know i lost my job in Oklahoma after having a fall and the bad weather and the company had to cut back i left there with a 168.00 in my pocket and had also found out i did not qualify for unemployment i didn't have enough time in so i did not know what i was going to do .

    I did have a very good trip coming home with Andrea it was wild but back to my daughters yard and not knowing what to do and every thing due truck ,trailer,inc,storage,and that was in first part of February and now March trying to hang own to Faith and be leave Father will guide or meet my needs seems like nothing was happening even to the point if Andrea showed up i couldn't even take care of her H *ell cant even take care of my self and each day more things coming due fixing to lose the internet and phone no income at all no hope of any and facing losing what things i had gotten out of my divorce my trailer my truck so things was not looking very good .

    Trying to stay positive and believe in Father and the light and having faith and hope and Love and still hoping one day i might be with Andrea but at the same time knowing i could not take care of her if she did show up and i hit another bottom and every day feeling like eternity lost in emotions of what next and how then i became willing to give it all up i didn't have a choice anymore i had borrowed all i could on my truck just to get it fixed in Oklahoma and to sell what tools i had left or give them away compared what i had gave for them but even if i sold every thing it would not be enough and i still wouldn't have a job or even have a way to get to work or a place to live except to live with one of my kids in their house and knowing i couldn't help support them at all money wise .

    So things are not looking very good and all the things happening around the world and my little world is crashing down around me and seems like every thing i do is not helping and knowing living in Truth sometimes is not easy but i still believe in it and i want lie to get the things i need even if it means losing every thing and a lot here own the forum encouraged me as much as they could ,have faith ,and believe me it was getting hard trying to stay in faith.

    But i tried and i talked to Father and i was willing to give it all up just show me what you want me to do and how and the thought to have a little garden again i started breaking grown with a shovel having a hard time breathing then with a hoe breaking clods was slow ,then a thought to call the unemployment here i thought what have i got to loose? nothing ,then i found out i could get 266.00 and i did then another thought to call the bank and just be honest with them about the way things are and they said not to worry they would work with me that 266 i paid interest on and they set my payments up to where i want have to pay anything for 3 months not even interest but broke again and now insurance due on truck phone and internet due and the unemployment had sent me a letter saying i had drawled all i could get on unemployment ,so what do i do now ,then a thought of selling my welder that was like new and that was hard to do i payed a lot for it but i became willing because i know and believe Father will not take anything unless he replaces it with something better and this has happen several times with me .

    Even when i got divorced from the women i Love so much then Father sent the women of my dream literally Andrea even tho i haven't got to touch her or see her here but i have in spirit. But i sold that welder for not even a third of its worth but i was OK with it but that money didn't go very far paid the internet and phone ,the another thought to call unemployment again and this time they told me i was qualified to draw now so it would be 2 more weeks before i could send a clam in so things were looking better but my insurance was due and with out that they could get my truck.

    But then my daughters neighbor seen me breaking that garden with a shovel came and offered to break it with a tractor and tiller and the unemployment has sent me money already for one week and i will be able to get 812 .00 every 2 weeks now able to pay my insurance and every thing is caught up and even got some diesel in my truck and i got 2 rolls of onions and have planted some tomatoes and planing on planting a lot more that small garden is 3 times the size it was and can plant a lot more and i am very grateful for every thing and i have had a vision of a women coming to my daughters house scared with a little girl and not knowing why or what to do but she is being guided here for a reason and her name is Andrea .

    Now i don't normally do things like this telling about what is going own in my life to this extent my kids don't even know all this but i was guided to do this to show and maybe to give someone hope and to show sometimes life is not what we figured it would be and sometimes we do not know the reasons that things happen or know what is best and sometimes our faith gets tested to the max ,but remember Truth is always best and hanging on to truth is hard sometimes but it is always better and staying in faith and hope is not easy but remember your not alone and Father will never leave you and reach out because there is people who care and will love you no matter what and always remember to its always darkest before the dawn and the sun will shine on a brighter tomorrow .

    I do not know who this was meant for, but i care and i hope you reach out and there are a lot here who do really care and have been threw a lot their self and have hope for a better tomorrow and ask nothing in return just to help . Love Freely Given I Give To You Love Tooter

  • Why Tooter, God always makes a way out of no way, I could tell you some stories too. I'm so glad for you and have been praying for you, see, it all worked out! Good News, your message will inspire others to keep on keeping on.

  • I hope so poettic Father has been good to me but i so believe in truth and you know i love music this a song kinda sums it up and has a lot of truth in it and you know a little over 2 years now what me and Brenda had was worth around 400,000 and i was making from 1500 to 2500 a week so letting go has not been easy and losing all that even her coarse that was a relief , but was it worth it for Truth and what is right ? It wasn't just a job or a wife it has been every thing i worked for material wise for over 27 years i guess one of these days i will know all of it and the whys of it we will see am i grateful for losing all that ? No i am not there yet but maybe one day ,has it changed my attitude about Truth ? NO ,i still believe in Truth even more today than ever and i have to remember it wasn't mine anyway it was just on loan for a while even my life is here but a short while and i hope what time i have left it will be in Truth i have lived in lies had money some fame lots of women but true happiness has eluted me even when i thought i had it but now i have had a chance to experience that kind of Love and it has been worth every thing i have lost and even tho i have never seen her or touched her here on this Earth some might say i am nuts but am i ? When you have experience what i have you will understand that Love and it will mean just as much to anyone who experiences it and that is why i talk about Truth and Love so much it is the all of everything future and past Love Ya

  • I can't get U Tube, but let the others enjoy, Tooter I've had a lot of money and it don't buy happiness, Peace of mind is free. Do I enjoy nice things, sure, trips, vacations, good food, sure. I don't WANT to be destitute but as long as I'm happy and Healthy and the family is too, it's all good!

  • Big Juicy Andrea Lips for ya!


    Hey BRO, you are awesome, and so ya

    Namaste Del


  • Hey Girlie! Thought about you this weekend! Were you with me last night?

  • Thanks ladies your great Friends ,but, here come the buts LOL now don't get me wrong i like being comfortable and i like nice things and good tools and i like to do what i want to do when i get ready to do it and have the money to do it i like my comfort is it there ? NO not as much as i would like but yes my needs are met with a little extra and i even got me some steaks the other day so things are better and OK and to be honest i do not know what i want to do or have these times makes me wonder but i guess time will tell and i have got to get busy bye Love Ya Tooter

  • Aww Tooter, your stories are very inspiring, thankyou for sharing them, They give a lot than you could say. Love ya Bee Xx

  • Agree with Bee, you are an inspiration Tooter, a true spiritual teacher and guide.

  • Tooter, spirit wants me to give you a message. You need to make up your mind about which side you are on. You continually oscillate between light and dark, sometimes trusting the light, sometimes falling into darkness. At times you blame God and yell at Him, sometimes you take responsibilitiy for your own actions. You have been like that most of your life - going back and forth from good to bad. Neither side can really get its 'hooks' into you for long because you lose faith so easily. Thus you live in an almost constant state of confusion and prosperity/poverty in a limbo of your own making. Spirit urges you to stay in the light no matter what happens to you. You are being guided but you don't always listen or hear because of your often overpowering fears. When you feel fear, it is because the dark side is whispering into your ear. You can choose to listen/believe or not. Your life situation follows your belief system - it becomes weakened when you weaken and gets stronger as you get stronger. You can't go through your whole life wondering if you are imagining everything or not - at some point you just have to let go and rely on trust and faith.

  • You know Sherelle or Captain i know where my faith is and who i listen to and believe me i know the difference and if you want to see the person your talking about go look in the mirror .I tell the truth as it is for real, good or bad and i am not here be popular or enhance a business or to promote one or to say what people want me to say just so they might think i know all about their life what others think of me i am here to do a job i was called for a long time ago and i do what i am advised to say and i do say a lot about my life and some of the things i have been threw and how i got threw them the good and bad i don't give false hope and i am not a physic never claimed to be never will but i can tell ALL about you.

    You see Sherelle i didn't come here for you to tell me what i am or not i came here to get back to were i was in my faith and it is in the light has always been and in Truth try it you might like it but then again the darkness don't like Truth and some here are just here to promote their selves and business hope that is not you it would be a shame and as far as hooks in me you know one thing about truth is we all have choices and i made that choice a long time ago and if someone don't like what i say on a tread i started i guess they do not have to respond and that's OK but i have read a lot of books to but most of mine is hard experience and guess what i am sure i will have things i have to work on the rest of my life i am not perfect never will be and i am not the moral control officer who thinks they have all the right answers . But i sure got a lot of experience in life the good and bad and believe me i know a con when i hear them . But i hope the best for you and you didn't ask for my Truth about you so i want say it but if you ask i will i am here to help anyone i can if i can .

    Love Ya Tooter

  • Your anger and outrage takes you to the dark side. It blinds you to the truth of the words spirit sends you.

  • You know that is very typical of some one who feels threatened afraid someone is going to steal their glory i am not angry or mad at you just disappointed and i am sure no treat to you i didn't ask for your opinion or your advice here on this tread and who are you to question my spirits Truth and if you Have a problem with that i guess you need to ask Father himself Oh but wait i guess your the only one who can do that, shame on me and no that is not anger that is sarcasm some cant see the forest for the trees and i sure will tell you when i am scr*ewed up and if i am wrong i will be the first to admit it but i wasn't and you just proved it and just because someone don't do or say or agree with you don't mean they are full of anger and rage but i guess some egos are so high they put their self in the God chair and think every thing they say is right and those who don't agree are mad and full of rage do you know what true colors are well most people do and they just got a good example of them .

    I will say it again so there is no misunderstanding i am not mad at you or anyone right now do i still get mad yes i do but i know that and i try to learn from it and i sure was not mad or outraged at you but i am disappointed and i do hope you look in the mirror and seek you Heart for answers and i could care less about what administration thinks of me but i do try to follow their rules and guidelines and am very grateful for them having this forum. Love Ya Tooter

  • Tooter do ya by chance have any of the following:

    facebook ( quirkies ye but uhm lol )


    twitter ( just got there )

    messengers like msn, yahoo myspace etc???

    we could commune that way.

    Oh n on the lifestories of struggles, mine would fill a whole slew of thick enchilada books. lol

  • “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

    Jimi Hendrix

    “Lead me from death to life, from falsehood to truth; Lead me from despair to hope, from fear to trust; Lead me from hate to love, from war to peace; Let peace fill our heart, our world, our universe”

    Satish Kumar

  • Hang in there Tooter.

  • Yeah Tooter, Tell it like it is 🙂 Love ya, and Keep on keeping on.

    Bee Xx

  • We are all here to learn and help each other. We are here to grow and often that is painful. Why? Because we have to face parts of ourselves we have spent a lifetime trying to bury. Luckily for us, others make good mirrors.

    When others point out our mistakes, be they right or wrong, we should always thank them for their insight. We then owe it to ourselves to look within, to do some soul-searching, meditation, whatever it takes to reflect on the information we have been given.

    Approach everything you receive in life with gratitude and an open heart. Even the painful sh- stuff 🙂

    "When it's love you give, then in love you'll live" ~ Bryan Adams

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