Heal Your Physical Heart And Conscious Mind

  • Rays 8-12

    The Higher Rays of Light

    8th Ray- Sea Foam Green - Aquamarine: CLEANSING

    Governed by Lady Nada and overseen by the Divine Director of the Rays.

    This is the deep spiritual cleansing ray that assists with preparations for soul activation and discovery. Healing and cleansing is always needed to access new vibrations and consciousnesses and can be gained from the eighth ray ashram.

    It helps to clean out those characteristics and qualities within the self that one no longer needs and wants to get rid of. It is composed of rays 4, 7, and 5 with a touch of white light mixed together - GREEN - VIOLET LUMINOSITY.

    Eighth Aspect of Deity - Aquamarine

    Qualities: Clarity, Divine Perception, Discernment, Lucidity, Vivification.

    9th Ray- Blue Green: JOY (magenta)

    Governed by Lady Mary and overseen by the Divine Director of the Rays.

    This ray holds a wealth of knowledge that can be grasped to aid soul discovery and expansion.

    It focuses on anchoring joy which is an expression of love while promoting integration on new levels with the energy of the Creator's soul and universe.

    Helps one to attract their full potentials first with the Body of Light and also continues the cleansing process that the 8th Ray starts. it is composed of Rays 1, 2, and white light - BLUISH-GREEN LUMINOSITY.

    Ninth Aspect of Deity - Magenta

    Qualities: Harmony, Balance, Assurance, Solidity, Confidence.

    10th Ray- Pearlescent (gold)

    Governed by Lady and Master Andromeda and overseen by the Divine

    Director of the Rays.

    This ray promotes and instigates soul integration, monad integration and unity with the Creator's mighty soul.

    It allows all the changes a person has been seeking to bring it fully within themselves. Helps to code the patterns of Light formations within the body and access their true Divinity. It is a combination of Rays 1, 2, and 3 mixed with white light - PEARLESCENT COLORED LUMINOSITY

    Tenth Aspect of Deity - Gold

    Qualities: Eternal Peace, Prosperity, Abundance, Financial Freedom, Opulence.

    11th Ray- Pink Orange (peach)

    Governed by Lady Quan Yin and overseen by the Divine Director of the Rays.

    Again associates with soul discovery and integration, as are all the higher rays, this ray completes the soul merge process. It promotes an understanding that everything in the universe is a manifestation of love. It is a place where the teachings of all previous rays are integrated to aid an understanding and acceptance of mastery that is complete, allowing the soul to fully embody the higher ray of the Creator's universe including the twelfth ray of light.

    Bridging of the New Age and helps one to be in touch with Divine, Love/Wisdom. It is a combination of Rays 1, 2, 5, and white light - ORANGE-PINK LUMINOSITY.

    Eleventh Aspect of Deity - Peach

    Qualities: Divine Purpose, Enthusiasm, Joy, Happiness, Fulfillment, Selfless Service.

    12th Ray- Golden (opal)

    Governed by Pallas Athena and overseen by the Divine Director of the Rays and Lord Maitreya.

    Golden Ray and anchoring of the Christ Consciousness - THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN. It is a combination of all the rays with white light - GOLDEN LUMINOSITY.

    The twelfth ray of light holds a direct link to the Office of the Christ and acts as a teaching ground for those wishing to embody the Christ consciousness. The twelfth ray of light is an extension of the Office of the Christ and anchors the loving energy of the Creator into all rays of light and throughout the Creator's universe especially the Earth.

    Twelfth Aspect of Deity - Opal

    Qualities: Transformation, Transfiguration, Rebirth.

    I am the Mahachohan Saint Germain

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