Three Beths

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  • Hi Paddi,

    How are you today. Glad to hear, you took control of the work situation with the two. And so glad I'm not in the other one's shoes. For all your lovelyness, I'll bet you can be scary when you want to be.


  • lol! Hey Paddi Cakes! Can't we all!

  • I had this thought last nite and I don't know, I think my libido towards him is kinda dead, dying a lot of the time.

  • Yeah, I know that one. I wonder if I will get it back or whether I care to. I know there is more than that to a relationship but...

    I try to remember that even if I were to meet someone who really did it for me, it would not last either. But yeah, I am with ya.

  • 🙂

  • ya know, I am gonna just hav to get up earlier in the day, I feel like I'm following you around all the time.

    There's a new tarot reading posted. not too full if you want in...


  • Most of the time, no one can read me, I don't know If I care anymore. All will be revealed in time.

  • I used to get that a lot. Now maybe I'm more open or what, but I still get the occassional feeling, "I am invisible" I can be sitting at a booth with 4 collegues in a discussion and then all of a sudden its like they don't even know I am there. It's not like anyone can miss me and yet sometimes it just happens.

    Ya ever get that?

  • Not really, I'm quiet though sometimes, just got a meditation from the Goddess that takes you back to before you were born, gonna try it, i find her meditations a little advanced but I'm gonna ask her to come and get me/guide me.

  • Let me know how it goes.

    PS: SilverRavenWolf posted a real cool way of looking at things at the end of Captains thread on No more time.

    skip all the rest of the stuff and jump to the end on page 5

  • Okay, it was very beautiful, the Angels/guides were there, I believe The Goddess was there too, I called her I came very close I do everytime, didn't see anything but the lights I always see and the colors blues and greens like stars, felt a lot of love though, made me weep, I asked them to come in get me in a Lucid Dreams, I have a lot of questions, remember though I will not be getting seeing anything before time and you know how time works with the Universe, I may still have things to overcome, oh boy. But it's all good, I sure feel loved, I felt a lot of Energies there.

    Try it!

  • Wow, that's cool.

    My hubby is supposed to go out of town tomorrow morning, so I have planned some meditations for that time while he is gone and the kid is at school.

    I am still waiting for it to warm up enough here to go to the park during the day for some daily meds. (whole new meaning there!)

    I do need a better connection to nature at the moment. Got no plants either, want my jade plant back and a bamboo oh and an orchid would be nice.

    Out in the middle of no where, I have to drive quite a ways to get to a nursery.

  • Ahh. Yes it's nice to be alone, peace and quiet.

  • I sure hope so.

    I may not be on the forum much during as I want to take advantage of it as much as possible. Also after school I have to take my to soccer practice and then were gonna try to catch up on all the Naruto's on the DVR. about ten of them I think. LOL

  • What is a Naruto's?

  • An japenese anime cartoon. About ninja's and jitsu's, 4th grade boy stuff but I share it with him.

    Shush! (I secretly get into anime)

  • 🙂

  • Hola Beth's hope all is well, I'm kinda draggin big time, need several Siesta's somewhere, please, please, please...

  • Nice to see you again. Been only here and there myself. Got stuck in a couple of theoretical arguments when I knew better. Oh well.

    Hope you get those naps in and your meditations. Mine are going soso (hubby did not decided to leave until after the kid got home from school) but had a nice time and came back a bit more in tune with himself. (He so needed some time away)


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