Three Beths

  • Oh, forgot to mention at least twice this weekend almost shifted somewhere, I was very close, ooh what fun, yes I said always out loud, I'm DEVINELY PROTECTED. Don't meditate when you are sleepy because you leave yourself open to the elements. I used to fall asleep when I was about to hurt myself doing something stupid, I was stretching my heart awarness at one point but the wrong Heart! Hello!

  • Shifted! wow. I did that once along time ago to ancient egypt, been wanting to go back ever since but, like I said, not into leaving my body just yet. I did not mind the shifting but I'm not sure how I did it.

    Do you do something special or was it an unintentional shift?

    As for the drama, me neither, as I said, I was bored. If I want drama, I'll visit my older sister and her kids. They realy know how to whoop it up. LOL

    I was in the middle of finishing the tax file stuff and feeling realy good about it when my hubby decided to start his electric sander. Totally lost whatever thought I was on and not a good sign when your doing the taxes, so I'll have to get back to it later, **** I so wanted to be done and have my desk cleared for a change!!!

  • Not Intentional, don't know just a feeling, also feeling the soul come back in more. Have no memory of where it's going, probably saying ' GET ME OUTA HERE!!!!!'

  • I do taxes too even before Turbo Tax and all the computerized systems, you probably did too.

  • Goodmorning,

    Taxes, oh yeah, since I was about twenty. (first job) Payed H$R block to fill in a few blanks seemed like such a waste and people got so bent out of shape over it when for the most part it was quite simple and well explained. Ya needed a clear head. But then everyone in the family wanted me to do it. That was fine utill I got a life. LOL

    With the shifting, yeah maybe you want a vacation, just to get out and go somewhere. Does your body tingle all over when you come back in. Mine did, like something was merging with me at a cellular level. Way weird.

  • I feel all kinds of things, I can feel more & more, do you sense like when the Angels/Guides are moving closer they seem to take up a lot of space, like a huge amount of space, I feel like I have to stretch way open to accomodate them.

    Been researching the real history of man, the root races, sub root races, etc, fascinating stuff the origins of the alien concept, the Sumerians, the ancients in Egypt, love it all!

  • Just chiming in here lol. As a fellow Beth, wanted you to know I'm a Scorpio too. I have no clue what that means, but who knows, it may mean something.

    And yes, angels can feel like they take up a lot of space. They make me feel a brightness in my head, lightness, not dizzyness, just lightness of being. I tried Tooter's meditation and didn't see a guide at all. My vision is just blocked for some reason. I imagined the whole pathway, palace, etc. but didn't see anything. Will keep trying!

    Angel blessings to you!


  • MissBeth,

    Good to hear from you. Another scorpio, oh my. I better read up on them, i'm outnumbered. (Course, that's never bothered me before, I like a challenge.)

    The second time I did it, I decided I just wanted my buffalo, as I am comfortable with him and of course, I know what he looks like. LOL So, I donno, maybe start with someone you are comfortable with and just ask him to be present with you, till you get comfortable. You can see the light fromthe other entry and you know how someone walking in a bright opening is not realy visible backlit. So don't get discouraged if you don't see faces, ya know.

    I thought it was quite a nice little meditation and anything that gets me to meditate is worth it. I can't find a spot in the house I feel at ease with except my bed.

    Poetic, I see you jumped in on Shuabbys free reading too. Anything good?

    Mine was spot on but I can't wait to see who this Ralph is. Book publisher, architect or realitor?

    Hopefully not a soul mate. Good God, don't know what I would do with that one at this point!

    Blessings, time puruse and get supper.

  • Yeah, don't know why I did that, I'm hard to read most of the time, Paddi couldn't find anything on me, Miss Beth YOU are the other Beth. Once I saw the Image of an Angel very beautiful like all lights but in the Angel Shape with some pretty colors, they appear to me mostly as lights and one guide appears as like a planet huge with lights behind it, very cool. I mostly meditate in my car on my lunch at home, I go in the back yard on the patio where it is peaceful and nature is all around, birds and such, I love sitting on a porch or patio.

    There is a connection for all of us, there are no coincidences just not revealed yet, I keep hearing things going on in my ears too, there are doing something in there.

  • Good morning, okay its afternoon here but WTH, its morning for me.


    When you said you meditate in your car, you did not mean while driving did you?

  • NO! LOL! On my lunch break!

  • Beths,

    From Paddi's thread:“I came to find out that he was tired of waiting for me to conform to his lifestyle! HUH!”

    He also thought he had been very patient with this as he knew I had given up my own home, the city where I grew up, my family and friends around me, possible loss of job (which eventually did happen), so yes he was very patient but enough was enough. He was putting his foot down. He was not happy and wanted me to fix it.

    I did not even have a clue! Talk about going around playing the fool.

    We dated for 17 years long distance prior to this, had a kid together who was 7 that I was happy raising on my own and working full time and he did not KNOW I was independent and opinionated and strong willed??? We talked about it a lot, where was he during these conversations. I said I would marry him and I wanted to marry him, I never said I was going to CHANGE!

    I’m all for compromise, I expected it and I made my peace with it prior to accepting. I just did not know his idea of compromise was for me to do all the compromising.

    Now I’m just trying to figure out who was the bigger idiot. LOL

    Rather than moving out, I decided to withdraw and no longer grace him with my “Presence” Call me “Queen Beth” from now on. LOL I can see why Shuabby felt my heart had been shut down, I did it to protect myself until I could deal with it.

    I’m working on making my way back in at present.

    We’ll see.


  • Yeah girl, I feel you 100%, see what it is IS that you were communicating all along, HE

  • Hey! from dream hjournal, maybe I did have a dirty little secret after all.LOL

    You remeber the song Dirty Laundry, then I went and threw out the drama anyway.

    Well all I can say is I'm not completly happy with it all but I at least can see the humor in it now BIG STEP. HUGE!

  • ... hit enter by mistake, He (Typical Male) was not listening to what you had to say, that is a very long time to date, did you ever feel you were putting your life on hold? Waiting to be happy and then reality, don't forget people change over time. So now you have to decide to either go with his flow and at what costs? Or Meet int he middle and do you both wanna do this? Me and my spouse had one of these conversations on Saturday, honestly, I've been wanting to leave and start living my life, I felt I raised my kids, I sacrificed a LOT and I was thinking okay now it's MY TURN. I actually told him what I want to make me happy and he told me what he wants which is not much really just a control freak and very insecure and jealous, which I REFUSE to be a victim, (I will pray for you) but you need to work on that brother, If I wanna go I'm going. So we will see, I know there are very slim pickings out there, most guys now a days want a woman to take care of them (that ain't happening) with me. I don't even think I want anyone, just to be free to do what I want, when I want, not cook, not clean unless I feel like it. Really though in the last few weeks I'm doing that part now, which is HUGE, he used to turn into the Excercist when dinner was not ready God Forbid.

    So anyway, we are gonna try, what got me was when he said to me: He used to go hungry to make sure I had my cigarettes." In those days when things were lean, that kinda blew me away, wow! What a sacrifice and how many other guys would do that? Really, so I'm gonna give it one more try and we will see.

    You guys need to really talk, without anger, resentments, judgements. Better yet write a letter and let it all out. I'm sorry but this is how I feel now what are you gonna do about it?

  • P.S. That Typical male comment is a judgement or is it a fact? See Angels I'm learning.

  • Wow, did not know you had so much more. Thanks. (I thought the HE was one of those “tweetSpeak” things I’ not up on. My repertoire consists of LOL and the endless versions of such, BTW, WTF, WTH, and I think that’s it.)


    Yea, he heard only what he wanted to hear or what he THOUGHT he would hear. I don’t know whether that will ever change and he has many insecurities. (not that I don’t myself) but we do connect on so many things including child rearing (which would have been a deal breaker) and for the most part belief systems. I’m a bit more spiritual (or he is hiding his.)

    No I never put my life on hold. When I wanted to marry, he didn’t and when he wanted to, I didn’t and then neither of us wanted it and then finally we were both on the same page. And no there is absolutely no going with his flow only, I made that quite clear. I will not do that to myself and it would serve none of us. I also made it clear that I will not be a nagging wife or let him turn me into one and I will not condone a marriage where it feels like I am a boarder. I never could handle having a roommate and that I know will never change. It interferes with my serenity. I’m an empath and I have to have a home where I can just BE. Which brings us back to where I am at. My serenity was blasted away and I am having trouble finding it here. I will make the effort to find it here and I will give it a shot and YES we so much need to communicate (that means actually hearing each other).

    I am not saying I do not have my own faults in this matter. I’m no good at subtlety and he likes to bring up subjects as though they are a friends problem or something he read in Ann Landers and WTH, I give him my thoughts, with out ever understanding he was talking about us. Oh, it dawns on me after the fact, believe me. And yet I would not have said anything different if he had brought it up in its true light but…I definitely would have been nicer about it and hopefully a little less blunt but that’s not a definite. I’m not sure if I can alter how we communicate knowing his way now or not but I am up for trying. (The forums have given me a change to slow down and think about what is really coming out of my mouth so I can get across better meaning, with feeling cause opening up to him and feeling his pain is hard on me but I still think he is worth it and in embracing my gift rather than denying it, has given me the chance as well to feel someone’s pain with out having to take it on myself. (THAT was why I denied it for so long)

    I’m glad you and your hubby got to talk and thank you so much for the prayers.

    But “control freak”, no doesn’t want much does he. LOL

    I sincerely hope you can find MY TURN with him at your side as a helpmate and the same for him. I don’t believe I live in a fantasy world but I do believe there are endless possibilities and the one you find yourself in can be the one you make of it. As long as both parties have trust and truth, little lapses in judgment and character flaws can be forgiven. It sounds as though there is much love in him for you but seriously, what is it with men and not communicating with real words rather than announcements?

    Me and my hubby both want to win the lottery in order to hire a full time cook!

    There is love between us and my waiting game was so we both had time to settle down and think what we want for each other and ourselves. Hoping when next we bring this up, we will listen to each other. It’s close and I have been working on my communication skills and my fears and my flaws rather than just sitting around here brooding like the first two months. I do not want it to be a confrontation! That doesn’t work and truth be told, if I had still had a job when it started, I would not have given it a second thought and moved out the same day. (I am glad I didn’t, as I have learned so much about my patterns of thought and how I react and WHY I react. These were the things I needed to release from my life) So there is something to be said for working on a marriage rather than the easy separation, it did not work out method. So even if it comes to that, I know I grew from the experience.

    That’s a mouthful and then some for now. Next time ask me about how I handled the “You’re a control freak!” announcement.

    PS: After the fight, it took me a total of 20 minutes to move “my stuff” that was “Cluttering up the place” down to the basement.


  • 🙂 Well I'm glad that you know what you want and life works in mysterious ways so maybe thats why the job thing went away sounds like you were fiercely independent. This much I know and had to learn, we cannot change other people ever! We can only change the way we allow them to effect us.

    Something is in the water just was outside with a co-worker and her husband problems. Geez. I think that was smart to live your lives first and test the waters and all that, very nice.

    What does WTH mean? I don't twitter either, for what? Who has time?

  • Yeah he loves me but don't be sick about it. He says he loves me less now though because I'm tarnished. But that's another story.

  • WTH, "What the HL" and hopefully you know WTF = What the FK cause I'm gonna use now.

    Tarnished?? WTF!

    Tell him depending on the mood:

    "Oh baby, but if you only rub me all over, I will shine again!


    "Precious things may tarnish with age but they always gain in value."


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