Three Beths

  • Mine's him" was getting on my last nerve last night, so I thought of how I could scare him because he thinks meditation is vodoo practice or something, so I lit 3 candles and Meditated, he was pacing around, "What are those candles for."? I said they are for you, he started saying prayers, I was cracking up, later he said okay so you are trying put Vodoo on me, thats not gonna work, " I said lets wait a few minutes." (lmao) He was quiet as a lamb after, it worked!

    Be back soon!

  • Your so cruel.

    I have to admit, mine puts up with all my spiritual stuff. We both came from a place of tolerance.

    Did I ever mention we met at a sci-fi convention. Which means were we hanging out with a lot of wannabes/new agers/pagans/wiccans/philosophers you name it, we were there. Then we kind of got into the renaisance festival stuff (we both like costuming) and found the same kind of people there too.

    Count my blessings right! LOL

    I'm going to get back to my filing now. Organizing and trowing out the old stuff, Yea!!

  • Yes girl, good stuff is coming in April. Make room 🙂

  • I hope i am not intruding but i have been here reading this whole tread and you two have almost had me crying i was laughing so hard i love it .Here i thought it was always the other way around and to be honest i am not to sure i want anyone here with me either but that is another story and i don't like to intrude unless i am asked .LOL you two are funny and i am not laughing at you but with you .

    But i did want to say on the meditation the number one thing that help me i think was that overwhelming desire in my heart to meet Andrea .If i could suggest anything to get there would be to find you most sacred desire to focus on and also always ask the one who comes in there if they are your higher self guide as it says this is important and also if they are not thank them and ask them to leave and do this with each one that comes in and Poettic you stop your self by the thought of its not your time WHY it is your time have faith in your self and your higher self ,but you might ask your self what it is that i am afraid i will hear or see. If you ladies would like a mans perspective own a relationship and the way society has put own as the man of the house or being strong or a man shouldn't cry or complain suppose to be macho and all that ssssssssssssss Well i learned a long time ago John Wayne died but i have also learned some women do not want to hear a man discuss his intimate feelings especially if they have put their security in them most women don't want a man that is a wossy right or wrong ?

    Well here i said i wouldn't and i did ,so i ask for your forgiveness for butting in Love Ya Tooter

  • LOL! Hey Tooter, I like a sensitive man but not a (cissy) remember that word and it has nothing to do with sexual preference. We want a man to be man but to remember his place don't you know when the Queen is on her throne!

  • Tooter I have no fear, guess they are not ready to reveal themselves yet other than the pretty lights, it's all good. I see them everytime I close my eyes they wait for me everyday on my lunch hour, they start my car for me when the stupid key won't turn in the iqnition, I'm gonna ask our friend Ms. Beth what the names are, I think it's 3 of them now. Love you Tooter and I hope everything is okay.

  • I feel them too they like touching my hair and face a lot.

  • Hi, Tooter,

    I'm with Beth, I don't want a sissy either. But if he's got something to say to me, he can say it.

    I'm still working on the meditation guide thingy and definitely will make sure to ask if they are there for my higher purpose/self.



    touching hair and face? cool.

    I'll be out of town again tomorrow, so may ot catch you till late.


  • P.S.

    Good stuff for April? Yea!!!

    I did get a reading (for the year) that told me to watch my morals during april so I hope its not too much partying. LOL

  • Morals, Morale, Morals, Morale.....

    I wanna have fun too, trying to walk the center line I have questions, waiting for answer's. Had no light show this morning or maybe I missed it, I'm leaning lately towards the Pleadian's for some reason. Guard Yourself was the message I feel today. Got it twice, once in the Bible and then Gabriel's message.

  • Hola! How is it going? Last night was very weird for me, I keep getting these sounds in my ears like an amplifier and feeling as though someone is putting something on my head like a sweater? Very Weird but cool because I know the guides are there.

  • Hi,

    Yeah that is weird and cool at the same time.

    I'm doing fine but having weird feeling come over me now and then and I am not sure where it is comming from.

    I guess I was yelling at my husband in the middle of the night while sleeping. Usually I only talk gibberish but he said this was clear as day and he thought I was awake until I yelled at him "I just told you my brother Ray was in an accident so I would think you wouldn't be interupting me." That was the point where he decided I was asleep, cause I dont have a brother Ray and I don't even know a Ray.

    Hope I wasn't channeling, I'm not into that at all.


  • 🙂 Funny! Maybe it's somebody else's brother.

  • We are kind of on different wavlengths and busy the last few days but wanted to just say HI.

    Glad to hear the meditations are working out for you.


    Now I got some home life to get back to.

  • K! I'm having a weird feeling now too, I felt I believe that my Divine self is merging with my body, something is definitely going on with me too. I'm sure it for our greatest good.

  • WOW, that does sound weird. Was it during meditation or just happened of itself?

    Let me know.

  • During the meditation yesterday I did from Arch Angel Gabriel, I feel different too, sometimes almost like I'm having an OBE or light headedness, something is going on for sure. 🙂

  • Okay, that's cool and has me less concerned.

    You were real good with the advice for Bee so I got to ask, are you remembering to ground yourself before and after your meditations?

    They say it is best to eat something afterwards.


  • I do, they usually energize me, I call them my Manna (the energy). I'm still kinda sick so it could be affecting me also, never saw so much light though, very beautiful, going to lunch, hungry.

    I'm excited and a little scared about next year, I refuse to be consumed by Fear, must have Faith and be prepared, like Hurricane Preparedness, I can't spell anymore. What can I plant that's easy, tomatoes? Thinking of container Gardening, I'll ask for Inspiration, I've asked my Deceased Grandma but Mom is still here and she can make a stick bloom!

    Be back soon.

  • Guess what dreamed I was in Tampa last night at my Mom's, she rented a car and we drove to my end of the world and there were two boxes of Mango's and I wash picking which one's I wanted. She just called me to confirm she is coming for Easter and she bought Mango's yesterday, hmmm.

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