Three Beths

  • Poetic,


    I am a Cappi

    How about you?

  • 11/20/65- Scorpio. I wonder what Ms. Beth is. I just found this. Well we know we are on our spiritual paths, I think my own got really serious last year, but do you know I've been using this site since 2003 and did not know they had a forum.

  • With our growing "awareness" and expanding Hearts "we" collectively I mean as a people are gonna find out how much more we share have in common as "we" are all one. Funny

  • I've never related much to people my own age, always hung with older crowd, never like young boys either.

  • Grammer is horrible when typing, A student in English believe it or not, my thoughts process very quickly and brain is half dead (memory wise) so thats why!

  • So tell me what happened at the Purple Palace? Should be fun and interesting, I must admit haven't tried in awhile.

  • Must admit it sounds like a club for Prince.

  • Yes, we are. Everytime I post a revelation about myself or a thought, I get responses on how others feel the same way or have the same problem and well...I kind of always thought of myself as an outsider and never fit it.

    Guess most people are the same all over on the inside where it counts. Just different perspectives, which are always welcome. Sometimes we need to see a new meaning to old problems in order to get past them. Here though, no one need be afraid of expresing it. I like that.

    Don't think I ever had much contact with a scorpio before. Needed something new in my life anyway. You're in Hawaii, right?

    I'm in Ohio.

    Are you much into tarot cards?

  • Oh, you are so ahead of me, let me catch up.

    I'm not a typist which isn't too bad as my thoughts get to simmer a little before I can get to them.

    Yeah, my own age group wasn't a place for me to hang out. I ended up many times sitting at a friends kitchen table with their mom or dad.

    And I always liked my men to be Men. I always thought I liked my men older I realize it was the 35 to 55 range. SO now at 50, their are quite a few younger men I am attracted to. Realy thru me for a loop. But being married I just look and well, my thoughts are my own but since I like to write romance stories, I can call it research rather than fantasy. LOL

  • As for the "Purple Palace" lets just say that if I raninto Prince there I would certainly enjoy the company but he may just shatter my little calm place I was making there. Last night I urned it into a place of my own with a koi pond on the right as you enter (they come up and play with you if you stick your hand in the water and if your mind starts to wander, they will bump your hand to remind you to either play or move on.)

    On the left, I made a grotto with a waterfall. Warm spring you can swim in. When you come out there is a white robe waiting for you. All calm and clean and ready for meeting your spirit guide.

    Met with my buffalo last night, but it was mostly just a nice to meet you session. Got to touch him and hug him. He came to put me at ease. I kind of wondered whether I may have forced the meeting in my own mind rather than being a true meeting but this morning when I turned on my internet, there was an advertisment 1st thing on my home page with a buffalo in it. OKAY, I accept this.

    As for my first try, here's what happened.

    Tooter posted a youtube meditation for contacting your spirit guides and getting to know them. I thought I would check it out. I started listening and noticed it was 7 minutes long and decided I would save it for a later time and clicked on the close box for the whole window, when…Out of my speakers came a voice that sounded like my son, “Hellllooo” in a very sarcastic voice. This sarcasm translates as “I’m trying to get your attention here.”

    Okay, that was weird, after going upstairs to check on my son (he did not call me and then check on my husband and finding everyone fine, I went back downstairs to my computer and went back to the meditation as it appeared to be the only one trying to get my attention.

    So far I’m okay with this but here’s the strange part I need help with. I tried the meditation (it involves going into this pyramid and sitting down on a pillow and awaiting a guide to show up and agree to being there for your higher purpose, etc.)

    It worked but…the guide that showed up kept swapping back and forth between a guy similar to the wizard Gandalf and my deceased father. I can not tell whether my father was to be the guide but was trying to hide it so as not to scare me off or if he was trying to take over from the guide that was showing up.

    My father was a very strong, powerful and charismatic man. (Did I mention psychic!) There is a huge love/hate relationship between him and all of his children as he was bipolar and we never knew which one he would be from moment to moment. Most of us have come to grips with this after his passing and we know what a wonderful person/father he was in his better moments but he was very controlling. He was (in his better times) a wonderful guide but because of his controlling nature, it did not leave much room for free will. If he is in a higher plane and no longer under some guise of feeling responsible for setting us on the path HE thinks is best, I could accept him as a spirit guide. But if he is not (on a higher plain), I would not put it past him to try and take over from the real guide.

  • lol! Now I have to catch up Laughing at the part about the men, well we are married and not dead, I'm in Florida, I have been to Cleveland Once or twice. Yeah I don't want an old man now, ehww.

  • Wow, what fun we are having here, I love this. Okay, almost everyone in my Maternal side of the family including my mom are Capricorn's very good people, good souls. You are an awsome visualizer and I sometimes am not, no one showed up for me in the I called it the Crystal Palace, I lol at the part about the two descriptions the other guy or your dad. Your father probably just took the opportunity to say Hello, always protect yourself please. Another co-incidence we have is that my husband is bi-polar and my kids and never knew who was coming home, he is much better now for some reason.

  • Be back in an hour, lunch

  • Florida, heck I was just there 3 weeks ago on a whim with my neice. I was under a level 2 snow emergency and she wrote me on facebook she wanted to go to the beach and I said, WTH, lets go. drove all night on friday, got to St Augustine on Sat. It was way too crouded and went on to Ormond beach to stay. Went to flager beach on sunday and monday then took off back for home. My neice e-mailed her boss for the time off AFTER work on friday. He was nice enough to go ahead and grant it to her (eventhough she was obviously going to anyway) but said she HAD to be in on Wed morning.

    I have relatives in orlando and cape coral and a best friend in naples. My grandparents used to live in Leesburg. Me and my dad used to vacation in florida every winter. My parents lived down there before I was born in sarasota but moved back after my older sister was born. Been all over the state. We used to love clearwater beach as it was one of the few places that still had the "OLD" Florida feeling.

    Hope your hubby stays in a good place. It can be very disruptive walking on eggshells all the time.

  • Yeah, I should definitly protect myself when I do it. The first time, I was sort of doing it at the same time as they were drescibing it which in retrospect was a mistake.

    I could never get the hang of visualization (though tried for years) then about two years ago had a breakthrough while composing a book and it all just started commming out of me. Now I find I can just do it. Like someone just turned on a switch and voila. I was practicing last night before I did the meditation by visualizing an orange and delving into it and then back out. By the time I got around to peeling it in my mind my mouth was actually watering.LOL

  • I ate at my desk but I'm going back to my paper work for now, let you catch up.


  • K, yeah I like the old Florida, I'm in South Florida, guess what don't walk on Eggshells, I think I have broken him in now pretty good, you have to put your feet down. Talking about switches going off, I think that is going to happen a lot last night must have been bored and I can't remember the word I used to start it but it was something to rhyme with Celebration and out of nowwhere I must have cited the entire Webster Dictionary with words that rhyme.

  • Notice a huge difference in the Energy today during meditation, the Angels/Guides where right in my face so to speak and it felt so good, must be the Crystalline Energy, very cool.

  • Just got back from reading the cat fight going on the forum.

    Star2U posted a "gee, I'm getting bashed" thread last night and I went investigating (things were slow and I was bored) It appeared to me. She was the one to start it. Go figure. Then just got back from reading a whole another thread that was started from someone else that was tired of hearing the same old thing from her over a year ago. It appears she obsconded with the thread, then reposted to start the whole thing over again now a year later.

    Thing is though, she now has everyone feeling sorry for her. (Unless their bored and don't mind running through lod posts.) So last week.

    Alright enough of high school blabering, now to the real stuff.

    Glad to hear the meditation is going smoothly. I'm going to try to get more into it. (I tend to fall asleep as soon as I slow down.) with the greater visuals now though I think I may be able to hold it longer. Still a little leery of letting just anyone in. Its a healthy paranoia though. Much less than as a teen. Still warvering around the edges of astral travel. Had a scary experience with it when younger as well. Did I say I was a control freak. Oh that's right, you're used to capi's.LOL

  • I am, I don't get into the foolishness here which rears it's head occasionally, life is too short and I'm too old , unless it's really juicy. I'm pretty easy going most of the time, some time someone will mistakenly awake the lion. Meow or Roar.

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