• Enough, I 'm tried of trying to save this marriage, and he just think is a game, when he feels like he just give up and start acting like he is single again!!! he thinks that his sweet words are going to work this time. To tell you the truth what he did last week it did not hurt anymore, and I just realized is because I do not love him anymore? he makes me sick just by touching me. I'm ready to find that special some one that really knows what he wants in life, but not I'm not going to rush in anything right now my kids are the most important in my ife righ know, specially my 5-month old baby girl. In the future I would like to find some one that knows how to respect eachother in all ways our relationship, do not like to play games. I WOULD LIKE A READING what do you see in my love life? what is the right sign for a Virgo-women. My current housband is a Gemini.

  • your husband treats you so awful, and cheats on you? whatever he is doing to you, maybe time for you to take a look at yourself as to why are you with him if you can't stand him? if you are looking for a quick fix, or for someone to tell you everything will be okay, or to even tell you to leave him is not up to anyone else. you looking for someone to tell you what to do? no one else knows your situation better than you. what you are looking for is for somebody here or anywhere to tell you another wonderful man is just around the corner.... that would give you the push you need to move on without him? what if, you did not meet another lovely man for a few years or so. why would you want to jump into another relationship when you have had no chance to work on you? you sound angry, confused, and looking to hurt him back is definitely not the right path. take good care of you.


  • congratulations on your newest addition. it's wonderful and a blessing to have a healthy child. I can't imagine a single man wnating to get involved with a woman who just had a baby. I mean really? think about it,,,


  • HawaiianFlower read the post carefully, I said that I would like in the FUTURE! meet someone, not right away, I'm talking years not months, my kids are the most important ones in my life right now & always will be. And as far as why I'm still with him? is because I loved him, but what he has done it killed this love that I felt for him. I'm not those people that will jump to another relation ship right away. When I marry this man my plans was for the rest of our lifes to be together. But I guess it was not his. I know is up to me to put stop to this, and no one else. Hurt him back?? no I'm not that type of person, the last thing I want to do is hurt him. confused? I do not think so. Hurt? yes, anybody would be hurt in this. We are talking about 15-yrs of marriage, & everything looked ok, we were a happy family and still are I'm not fighting with him I'm just ready to end this situation. I told him that he can see his kids as often as he wants. (we have 3 kids 14yrs, 6yrs & 5-mths) I just want to make it as easier for them too. Even today he's still asking me if there is a chance to save our marriage, but we can't if he does not put his part. I realized that if I do not put a stop to this he'll just keep on hurting me.

  • Hi Vl0o

    i just had the same issue with my guy, love him to death but find out his been cheating.

    when you speak to him he tells you how much he regret it and his really sorry but he cant seem to stop cheating

    he told me he love his girlfriend to death but still his cheating, lies and tells the half truth to you

    I dont get it.

    This is the first man i meet that behave this way. his a gemini too

    i believe his confuse but again sometimes i believe his only playing because come on, we are all growing up

    the Best sign for Virgo are: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces.

    Many Gemini stories i hear is like yours and mine, it’s kind disappointing.

    the last person i helped on here was married to a Gemini for 18 years and had 2 kids with him, he never stop cheating until she work out of the marriage.

    now he cant leave her alone

    I love this man a lot but i thanks God i m not married or kids with him because i couldnt stand the cheating or stand that he touch me after i find out. the marriage would have stopped long ago.

    i do not believe people that love you keep hurting you and your family this much over and over again

    I wish you all the best and i hope, i really hope you find the courage in your heart to make this through with him or alone and that you know this as nothing to do with you but it’s him

    you have done your part and are trying to save a situation that you didnt create in first place.

  • in the near future, or far future, it makes not a difference,, you were asking if there would be another man. i don't know how many kids you have already? and how long you are willing to live on your own, maybe go live with your parents? who knows for sure, I am not psychic but very intuitive and helps to work with people that wants to change themselves first. work on the law of attraction, it's all about how you feel about YOU. why would you stay with a man that helps you procreate and then turns around and cheats on you. get out, get out, get out,,, he is abusive. a cheat is a cheat, and a cheat is a lair.

  • Omg hello @star2u !!!!!! <3333 :)! I missed you so !

    Ahhh gemini man at it again here, I see.

    @vlo0.. I don't think this man acts like he even knows himself, or cares to. -regardless of his sign.

    I think you should lay some focus on yourself.. and heal your heart and mind.. before even thinking to focus your attention anyone else, let alone this man. It is up to him to face and learn the errors of his ways, but it isnt up to you to teach him, or be left a victim from it.

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