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    I am here in the '5th House of Self-Expression' striving to deal with 'certain emotional issues', like minor disruptions and unnecessary blips. The 'power of visualization' aids you, me, us to search for love in different places. This is a most auspicious time to be more sensitive and more intuitive, for and with love and romance. Most of us have experienced the 'shadow of relationships', but, not the 'real' thing. We have to 'stand', so, that we can understand and over understand to discern that we must draw a line in the sand, and that line is a standard; like, honesty, trust, integrity, unconditional love; and our standard is not accepting anything less than we are giving; where it is required not to ignore emotional issues. We are then disciplined and revitialized, for, change can cause conflict and conflict brings change, as change is every where and change must be in alignment with certain unchanging laws as we are empowered to manage extreme emotions via transformation, imagination, inspiration, and clarity.

    We, the American people, are the 'collateral damage' of the American Dream which is about the fact that 'Democracy' is only a dream'. Our 'reality' is like a hall of mirrors, as the 'administrations of America, from Reagan/Bush $r. to Bush Jr. & the Republic of Cheney has 'sold' the American taxpayer illusions, disillusion, disintegration, distrust, and deception via a 'global kiss' and not unlike the 'holy grail', nor the 'mouse in the maze'. We, who are Children of

    God, are spiritually reenergized with the spirit of positive energy, as it is time of 'sharing vulnerabilities', Spiritually. Some may ponder, how do we connect with spirit? We know it when (we) our connection brings peace and harmony; our spirit journey is our Spiritual path. I have heard that "happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony". Our, quest on the 'road of life' is to keep a 'heart of longing' and a 'heart of loving'; always striving to harness the 'power of song and dance'.

    It does not matter whether it is from 'acculturation' or from our '6th House of Immediate Environment' in our '5th House of Play', it is truely feelings of love and affection; a romantic frame of mind. Sometimes, we find ourselves on the 'pragmatic side of love', and right on the 'edge of darkness', and all we have to do is just act from the heart. Chaos arises from order, not all order is good, not all chaos is bad. What would happen should we change the rules and add the unexpected; do we dare to be conventional? We offer a piece of our passion, more liberated with our interests expanded with new people and social gatherings, but, slow & steady with romance in our '5th House of Self-Expression, because, fulfilling our desires can be intense.

    Who is that 'worthy companion'; the person we honestly share feelings and commit to become 100% authentic to establish, develop, and maintain a 'magnetic' relationship?

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