Will my sister find a new place to live?

  • My sister Susan has had such a hard life, a lot of it her own fault, and is now desperately looking for a new place to live. She and her family need to move at the end of the month and she is having a really hard time finding a place she can afford. She has a lot of strikes against her. She has never learned to manage her money so she has really bad credit. She and her husband both smoke and she has a couple of pets. So does anyone see her finally finding a place? Thanks to all who would like to reply.

  • Hello CathyLee,

    It is good of you to be concerned for your sister Susan and her family.

    Yes, they will find a place to live, it will be in a income limted community. I feel like they will have to give up one pet , but will be allowed the other one.

    Through this experience they will learn how to manage their money in more furtureistist ways.

    This will be a brick bld feels red brick, they will have to learn to cope with some neighbors that will have problems to slove. This situation will not last more than a year for them as they will have better incomes and move to higher ground so to speak.

  • Thanks Shuabby. I truly pray they will learn this time. They can never seem to stay out of trouble.

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