Should I break up with him? - Yes/No Spread

  • Hi-

    Would anyone be able to give me their view of the 7-card yes/no spread below?







    1 (The past): Devil

    2 (The present): Ace of Cups Reversed

    3 (The future): Page of Cups

    4 (The querent/question): 5 swords reversed

    5 (The other person’s view of the situation) World Reversed

    6 (Obstacles) Queen of Wands Reversed

    7 (Outcome) Lovers

    My novice interpretation was that all the reversed cards indicate a No answer to the question. I think the Devil in the first position ending in the lovers in the 7th is interesting suggesting a journey from the negative aspects of a relationship into something more positive. However the World in reverse and the queen of wands would indicate that the other person (male) may not be ready to be in a relationship…

    Any other thoughts welcome!


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