Help in regards to will things turn out ok?

  • Hi there,

    Could anyone please help with advice on this?

    I've moved countries and have been trying to find a job unfortunately my money is getting really low and would like to know if I will find a job soon or will I end up having to go back home...also don't have a a place to live so its all very stressful. Thanks


    2 Aug 1973

  • Hi hon

    My advice is that you go for what is known as bread jobs, it means it pays the bills n keeps u somewhat afloat. Its also a stepping stone for the job u do want down the road.

    as for living space, contact cityhall, social services, unemployment agency n have them help u.

    U cant say now u get a no when u aint asked yet, am i right?

    best of luck to you sweetie


  • Thanks CWB for your reply 🙂

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