A reading anyone? Pretty please

  • Morning all, I shall try to be as comprehensive as possible without the risk of boring you 😉

    Married twice and have been single for the last 6 years, not particularly wanting to enter into another relationship after badly scarred from my second marriage. Have serial dated in all that time, sometimes meeting 3/4 different guys in the same week! As a Sagittarian I'm quite possessive about my independence and freedom - 24 November 1959 but feel now I would like to settle down again and have someone to share my life, adventures etc. 6 months ago I met Phil, 06 October 1966. Now I'm not sure really where I'm at with him and I do need to ascertain this as our 'relationship' is very casual, in fact in 6 months we have only spent 2 whole weekends together and that was due to being away from our home territory. I may get to see him twice a week but there have been periods when we've gone almost 2 weeks with hardly any contact ie text, phone calls. I will never pick the phone up and contact him which he has commented on several times but jokingly - I am fiercely proud and will always let the male do the chasing and if he doesn't then my integrity is still intact. I have to admit that I haven't been faithful to him. I've still continued to serial date other men purely because I have nothing to go on and refuse to be exclusive to him if it all means nothing to him. There's a lot more to discuss but am attempting to keep this as brevitous as possible - bottom line is are we going anywhere?

    My dilemma for want of a better word is I have met a really nice guy named Mike off the Internet, we've just chatted so far and have arranged to meet next Thursday, 07 April where he's taking me out to dinner. His birthday is 13 September 1967. Do you see a more favourable front with Mike rather than Phil?

    Please ask me any questions you wish to give you further insight.

    Any readings would be greatfully appreciated and thank you in advance.

  • Sorry, that should read gratefully. I hate bad spelling 😉

  • Honey.

    This is all about free will, and when free will is in the game it is hard for readers, me included to predict anything solid. Future is as fluent as a river. Ever changing.

    I hear you should go on the date with Mike and see what comes of it. In end its urs n the mens choise.

    You could also call Phil n ask him where he sees feels u 2 will b say in 5 years.

    Again in end its free will. Urs n theirs.

    best of luck


  • Thanks CWB guess I just wanted to know if Phil loved me but appreciate your input and your time x

  • " I just wanted to know if Phil loved me"

    If he did love you you would know it. 🙂 My 2 cents.. Phil is wasting your time.

  • Thanks Gypsy, just wanted some confirmation. I appreciate honesty - what do you feel about Mike?

  • Anyone intervene and give me your input please x

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