Scorpio Woman and Taurus Man

  • Hi everyone! I've been seeing a Taurus man for two years now. We've broken up several times, but we always get back together. We seem to really connect at a deep level although he complains about my intensity, but on the other hand, he's just as intense but in a different way. I feel like I've really met my match with this man. There are times when I get really impatient and fed up with his behavior and I lose my cool, I explode and then I regret it. Will this relationship always be SO CHALLENGING? Any advice? THANX

  • Yes probably. Taureans are SO stubborn!! and Scorpios are SO intense! Accept each others bad points and work towards enhancing the good aspects of your relationship. At least you can't accuse your relationship as being "boring"!

  • Thanks for the advice....I definitely need to work on staying positive!

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