Online relationship and Astro sign Help please. Captain.

  • Hello there Captain. I have met a guy online his name is Jimmy he told me he was born October 30, 1985(scorpio). We have been talking for almost everyday online for about a month and half now but he have never showed me his current picture or gave me a chance to see him on cam rather shown me his baby pictures instead because he's telling me its not yet the right time to see him and i just find it weird.

    I don't know if he's taking me seriously coz he is a bit childish too, insensitive and selfish most of the time. I've tried to understand him coz i have felt his loneliness and need to be love. But i'm about to give up now got tired giving love.It seems i gained all negative vibes. I'm starting to be selfish and asking my love in return. II have built doubts to him since he can't even show me his picture/cam now. He told me he's real, never lied to me and I just have to trust him. he's insisting he do love me but i don't see any effort.

    any advice with this matter? do you see any possibilities with this relationship?

    my birthday is december 8, 1989(sagi) this might help. I really appreciate your help

    BIg thanks


  • Yeah the fact that he doesn't want you to see him as he is now is suspicious. But typical of Scorpion secretiveness. This is not a good relationship for love. Usually the chemistry in the sexual area will be all wrong and a love affair is unlikely to go very deep. Even a friendship can be complex and problematic. Contrasting tastes and temperaments can be stimulating and your energy together can be overwhelming, but your differences may unltimately be too divisive or alienating. Life is not a bed of roses between you with your expansive, optimistic viewpoiint conflicting tensely with Jimmy's more concentrated and critical approach to life and people. He may disapprove of your highly individualistic methods and he can have a habit of a picky attention to detail that may get on your nerves.

  • He's really secretive and that makes him very mysterious as well as suspicious to me. Thats why maybe I never stopped questioning his mystery but i have thought of this for the past few days if I should keep up what I have started with him. My perception to this relationship and your reading gave me a clearer view for the decision I made with this relationship . Thank you for helping me out here. I truly appreciate your time and for sharing your Gods given talent. More power!

    love much.


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