Dream Interpretation Please!

  • Last night I had a real scary dream! I dreamt that I was in to labor alone in my apartment. When the baby came out it was still born. However, I acted like it was a healthy baby. What could this dream possibly mean? I'm not pregnant as far as I know. If anyone could interpret the dream for me that would be great. Thanks!

  • Giving birth is usually a positive dream---it means a spiritual leap in the self---so the baby is not literal but it is you. Two possabilities---you missed a crossroads for positive change---made a desicion that really does not feel right but you talked yourself into it---ignored your gut feelings and said it is ok when it is not. If this is true you have time to change as this dream would be a warning to rethink your recent choices. When analizing dreams consider the "feelings" as well as the images. Sometimes you can link that same feeling to a life situation. Second meaning could be another form of distorted perspective on your part---maybe no bad desicion but you not being able to recognize positive or negative situations--too much self doubt. My impression is you are influenced at the moment by someone or a situation that is zapping your personal power. Sometimes a vivid message dream takes a few days to digest---write down all the details including feelings----you are meant to get it and you will. BLESSINGS

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  • Thanks Bloom! I'm very indecisive with a certain relationship right now. I think the dreams I have been having has a lot to do with that.

  • Your dream display life and death at the same time.

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