HELP... another lady confused by Cancer man!

  • AugustLeo,

    Firstly, I am so sorry you had to go through this.


    This is the same thing the majority of us ladies have been going through.

    Just know, ITS NOT YOU, ITS HIM!!

    If the Cancerman I dated ever comes back in my life for what ever reason, I will cut his LITTLE

    you know what off and use it for my next Christmas tree ornament!!

    Sorry, but enough already, it is very disturbing to hear the same thing over and over.

    AugustLeo, just move on and be grateful that this was not long term, YOU DESERVE SO MUCH BETTER and it will happen for you.

    PS Yes, obviously I can help myself, I still have more to

  • WOW- what hard lessons we have had to learn. These cancer men seem -"So nice" on the surface. The issues they have-unbelievable. It becomes our issue when we deal with that bs. I always felt I did something wrong too. The man I knew was also older- 50 yrs and VERY wealthy, but he had no soul.

    Piecesstar, I have not seen that man since August, but we do run the the same circles. I will just ignore him if I do see him. I have to, he feeds off of emotions. If I show anger he will enjoy that and I will appear emotional to him, can't do that. He was so wishy washy anyway so he'll just ignore me too. I am still angry about what has happened, it has not been resolved. I do have good people in my life and they have shown me what is important in relationships. I now know the difference between bad and good relationships and to what extent I will put up with "junK'.

    Augustleo and the others thanks for the insight so true and unbelievably accurrate. Next time I date someone, I'll make sure I know his sun and rising sign. If it's cancer- I'll say GOODBYE

  • Songsofsharon,

    It will take a while to get over him and the damage he had done to you.

    When I know mine is in town for that week, I stay away, and its not that I allow him to control my life, I just don't want to see him.

    You and I had the same timing of events, it will take me a year from that date to fully get over everything, even though I am pretty much there already.

    I just don't understand how a man can treat a women this way.

    Mine was not very wealthy, but that was okay with me, I just didn't think he would be so heartless.

    I am glad we all can help each other out on this site.

    I just won't date a Cancerman period, I don't care what his rising sign is, lol.

    I hope things will get better for you and in time they will, just hang in there.

  • Hello everyone... update on Cancer man. He called and left a voicemail. His message was... saw your picture of your injury on Facebook hope your okay. Take it you didn't get your foot out clip in time. I need to talk. On my way to Reno will call you when I get back to town. Hope you're doing well and hope Lola (dog) is too. Talk to you soon bye.... what is this all about? I don't want to get tangled up again in something with him again. I still have his laptop but he didn't even mention that.


  • Hi all,

    Just want to repeat what I wrote on another thread, I got news about my ex-cancerman.

    He is engaged to a younger woman, she has a daughter younger than 9yrs old.

    She lives in the state where he travels for work. They plan on getting married but will not live here as husband and wife, he will only come back here to visit his children every other week on his own (he has a home here).

    This is how controlling this man is and she so stupid for allowing him to do that with out her!

    Do you think this is going to be a marriage made in heaven?

  • Hey my friends, Well the Cancer and I are still having our Long Distance Relationship, I am playing his game of "cooling it" but being an emotional Leo its so hard! I will hear from him a lot on some days and then like yesterday, not but one text! He still does the "shell time" as I call it. Very frustrating. I really do love him, gosh its so so hard to deal with the moods. I can see Cancer men seem to be a whole lot alike. I read up on his moon sign, Gemini makes him a little more hard to pin down than other moon signs. Says they are flirts!! Ha ha. It is really hard to have a relationship when you seen them daily, much less a LDR. He really should have never started this after 30 years of no contact, to tell me after 5 months he loves me too much and has to pull away hes just not ready? Huh?? Roller coaster ride on the crab shell LOL... Ill keep youall posted.

  • This post is deleted!

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