Need some help

  • I have applied for a new job, do you think I have a chance getting it. I also have been told that romance is in my future, is this the near future? just tired of being alone. Thank you

  • Hello marsc135,

    Yes is what I am hearing about the job , but seems to have one glitch in it about benies so look closely at paperwork. You will like the environment and will meet some likeable people there. I see you laughing and having a good time in the future. John is a name I hear and coming in around you for possible romance. He is tall with lighter hair and glasses , he smiles like a beacon of light that just makes you feel good all over.

    I hope that you go to church, as I feel the need to tell you to go if you don't all ready. When you walk into the church you should feel a sense of peace, this will help you to know that you are in the right church. Community help is what I feel you need to have a balance brought back to your life.

    God Loves You and will bless you in his own time and way. Be open to receiveing the good that is coming your way.


  • Thanks so much Shuabby you are the best. I was going to church every Sunday for a long time and since a little before Xmas I don't always make it my business to go. I know that God is there for me. He has helped me through my sadiest times in the last year. I will make it my business to be there from now on. Do you mean community help, as I should volunteer?

  • Dear marsc135,

    If the spirit moves you to volunteer, than please do so, I want you to be open to letting others help you also, don't be stand offish about letting your needs be known so you can also receive as well as give so that there is balance.

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