How do win back the love of your life??

  • Anyone have any suggestions? I love this man, he was in love with me, then he pulled away.

    I'm seeing him this week to retrieve a couple of items left at his home, it's a chance to see him again and I'm really nervous about do I handle this encounter. Help, he is an Aquarius, we were great together.

  • Any insight on why he pulled away? Did he find another girlfriend? If he cannot express his emotions for pulling away when you two were great together then he doesn't sound mature enough to be in a relationship. The hardest lesson for me to learn is that if someone didn't love me in return or want to be with me why waste my time or energy. I don't say this to be mean but if a man wants to be with you -- you will know it. Keep it short, grab your stuff and walk out. That old saying is really true, close one door and open another.

  • Take a time out with self what it truly going on. Time will bring it out. Have you been too needy? What lesson have you learned about the realtionship, him & you? Pamper yourself at this time... build your self esteem up. are a great person with wonderful gifts a beautiful soul. You are worthy of a truely loving kind and wonderful man. It may take time but it would be worth the wait.

  • I have found that for someone to truely love you, you need to love yourself frst. How can you expect anyone to love someone you yourself don't love. Take time to get to know the real you. Set youself little goals, join a dancing school, learn to rebuild an engine, volunteer for a charity. Do something that gets your social circle wider and makes you less reliant on one single person. If things are meant to be then it does not matter how long you have been apart, they will work themselves out.

    He may then find you attractive as you are self reliant and not needing him so much - you can then choose if you really want him back in you life or you might find that the new horizons opening to you are so much more exciting than you ever dared imagine.

    By the way I am in a relationship that took 20 years to develop an I am loving it at the moment. We both give each other freedom away from each other to do what individuals want to do but we also have a great time together as well. Good luck, but luck is 90% hard work - work hard in finding you and everything else - the 10% will just fall into place

  • I think your advice is spot on. I have just split from my wife and I have the same question. How can I win my wife back. She has said she doesn't want me back and I have been too needy. Your advice about loving yourself first is so true. I am going to start loving myself first.

    Thanks for your words of wisdom.


  • All this is some great advice. I am glad that I found this community. I feel that people on here are real and want to help. Piscespiggy, how did your love come back after 20 years? Did you two stay in contact for the 20 years? I am in a situation where I know for sure, deep down without a doubt that I found my soul mate and the person I am meant to be with but he is married. He wanted to be friends but with our connection and our feelings for one another I cut things off. It wasn't too long ago where I had this voice in my head telling me to get ready (it was a Saturday morning and I was lounging around in my sweats and no shower) because the man I am going to be with will show up at my door. Then I started thinking, oh it maybe will be a work man to do some work.....then 30 mins later he stopped by to say hello (he lives in a different town) for a few mins. This was out of the blue, this was the first time he ever came to my home. We haven't seen each other in about two years. I have had other "coincidences" regarding our future together. I figure that he must have business to settle with his wife (his wife had a heart transplant about 6 years ago) and he needs to do what he needs to do. My job is to learn to love myself more.

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