Heard my exes voice in my dream - anyone good with dreams?

  • Jlinaangel,

    I have had dreams telling me the future. And I kind of knew it--and it came true. But there were few cases, very few, when I was not right about it. but also the timing and events happened and it might have affect the results of the dream etc

    Based in my experience, there is either a true message, his words coming through to you, and he might come back to you in 2 years for real. I believe mostly to this in your case.

    however, I also learned that sometime our highest self communicate our wishes, is like what you want to hear - you do. But even so, your wish can come true if you believe and work on it, based on the law of attraction.

    However, some psychic here can definitively address you better.

    that is a good one. Wish you Luck !


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