Heard my exes voice in my dream - anyone good with dreams?

  • This morning as I woke up I heard my exes voice - I was on a dance stage about to go out to perform (I was a dancer when I met him) and he was speaking from the wings and he said - I LOVE YOU; this will be done in two years.....

    This is so unusual because I heard his voice clearly. Which I don't think has happened to me - I mean when I dream of my mother, we may speak but I rarely hear her actual voice in my head.

    Plus there is no getting back with this guy- for one he's "keeping me from the spotlight," ...

    and for two he married his next girlfriend and adopted her two kids - because he had to take custody and raise his three grandchildren, I suppose - but who knows? She has very negative psychic energy - I was told this by a psychic, not my projection and is kind of crazy.

    When she first contacted me, his first words were, "she's a psycho b...."....but then he married her.

    I feel as though I've moved on and want to do so - but my mind is usually on him when I wake up for a good five minutes....just kind of wondering what in the world was all that (ten years!)...

    so - anyone else have people who speak in their voices to them in their dreams, or any ideas of how to interpret....

    or any thoughts on I doubt my subconcious just made this up; don't think I could - even if I wanted to - wish those words into existence.

    Is HE the one fixated on me, perhaps?

    My appreciation to all and thank you for your insights!


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  • The way to end it would be to call on God and the angels to protect you in their white light, shielding you from what you don't want.

    You can also exercise the same with your own power by taking a piece of paper and drawing a circle on it. Inside the circle you right down everything you want in your life. Outside, but close to the circle you put things you are willing to accept into your life but by invitation only.

    This will form your own personal medicine shield.

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  • Jlina,

    I occasionally hear someones voice while dreaming. It awakens me everytime. I finally decided that hearing a voice aloud was my higher self trying to wake me up so I could remember the dream as there was something important about it or that it was taking me down a wrong turn. As in, "I don't need to go here and put importance on it." The latter is when it wakes me just before I am to get information or fulfil the purpose of the dream. It usually pisses me off as I am just reaching out to grasp something or about to read a message and suddenly...a voice comes out of nowhere and I am awake and the dream is gone.

    I can only say that perhaps the ex voice was used because it fit in the dream as you were a dancer then.

    Is there maybe more meaning in the dream itself that you would need to bring back to your waking life?

    Just a thought,


  • jlinaangel, I've been experiencing the same thing, only multiple times. It's definately his voice and no, I couldn't make it up. I believe it's their spirit communicatiing w/us. I think there's some torment attached to it. A torment connected w/them. Remember, that we're also in a spirit realm, not just a physical.

    I would really appreciate anyone elses experience with this. Based on my own, I'd say that you've been contacted.

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  • Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of the following? If someone is calling out to you psychically, is it possible to pick up on that person's scent?

  • Yes

  • Straight and to the point. Love it! Thanks Ibelieve 🙂

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  • I was very much awake when I suddenly could smell my ex. She wasn't on my mind at the time, so I literally stopped short and thought "What the..."

  • No one can keep you from the spotlight unless you allow them. I think your dream is a wonderful sign that you are in the final stages of letting go of this relationship (emotionally). You have allowed yourself to take the spotlight with his blessing. I think you're giving yourself a time frame for your success. Congratulations.

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