Please help me interpret my tarot spread?

  • I just spread my cards (celtic cross) and find them quite significant. Would like someone impartial to offer an interpretation to see how much it matches my own. Suppose it is worth mentioning that I'm six months pregnant and though very committed to my relationship, am questioning its balance and my partner's ability to communicate / understand me on the spiritual level I need. Find it interesting how prevalent the suit of cups is in this spread.

    Card 1: Significator - Two of Swords

    Card 2: Crossing Card - The Empress

    Card 3: Crowning Card - Six of Cups

    Card 4: Base of the Matter - Five of Cups

    Card 5: Past Influences - The Hanged Man

    Card 6: Forthcoming Influences - Ten of Cups

    Card 7: Where One Find Oneself - Justice

    Card 8: Views of Others - Seven of Cups

    Card 9: Hopes and Fears - Strength

    Card 10: Outcome - Queen of Cups

    Thank you in advance.

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