Dear Gypsy Dreams please read

  • Hey you, So I needed to contact you it has been months since I have spoken to you and tried to email you through yahoo but no response. I know everyone said I blocked you and everything which aint true I just had my posts deleted and was done for a while. I miss you like crazy and most of all your friendship we shared together. I am doing unbelieveable and alot has happened in my life I needed to get off this sight for quite awhile and live life without advice. I took into consideration what everyone said and I truly did need to find myself so I did. It has worked out great. I miss you so much and I hope you dont hate me. It seems like now that I came back after months nobody will even say hi or give me a simple reading for the next couple months. I guess it is ok I deserve it and I am not hiding under another name its that I cancelled my profile a few months ago and just came back on here with this new name. Please get back to me. XOXOXO Jenna

  • Rachel, So today is a new day its been warm and beautiful soon to be spring actaully I think today is the first day of spring:) Anyways I sit here and think of you and how you are doing? I worry as last time we talked alot was going on with you and I pray you worked through it all.... I hope to speak with you soon,,Until then my friend xoxoxoxo Jenna

  • Dear Jen.. I am a little confused here... After the last reading I did for you, you disappeared and stopped contact. I was a little taken back but not surprised. Then you came back and even though I had posted to you in our thread you didn't reply to me at all, actually you plainly ignored me.. I've never received any emails because I don't have a Yahoo account. and I've never received any emails from you in my hotmail account either. Otherwise I would have responded.

    I think the reason no one is giving you any readings is because you are not open to the posibilities that come up in these readings. You are very adamant about what you want to hear and what you don't. It is impossible to read for someone like that because they either don't take the reading into account (If it's not what they want to hear or even contemplate) or take the reading as a personal insult or worse. I am not speaking for any of the readers here just from my experience with you and from the interactions I've witeness between yourself and other readers.

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