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  • Thanx Tooter! I saw n replied thanx dear

  • hi i was wondering if i could get a reading.....muwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol

    hey cappy, greystar was trying to get in touch with you...i told her to go through my fb or look for you...via your name lol...i hope you are doing well physically CW.

    Namaste CWB


    aka shatzy

  • You cant have a reading your to impatient ,LOL man i bettered watch it will get nailed for that LOL

    How are you doing i since something LOL Love Ya Tooter

  • As a learner (not a reader :(. What a great gift!) I just want to give a super thanx.

    Consideration does get lost in these forums, but know that I and others do know, understand and appreciate the hard work and time it takes. I know it is a privilege and not a necessity to get these perks at times. Greed will come back around for those few.

    And yes Delbertc.....I do wonder what the "reader" truly thinks if/when I inquire about something. Hmmmm? Can they see what my mind can't rationalize? Do they see my bad girl side? lol Can they see I'm a bit chunky? Always curious ☺

  • MY JOurney is making a point. The various impatient readings request. the demanding bossy requests, the dispairing ones after long contemplation, and the impatient cant sit on kahunas n await a reader to wanna help.

    didnt a biblical person once say if u are still replies will come to ya?????

  • Thank you so much aqua2378. a few gives the recognition for forum readers n we appreciate it.

    at times its very nice to know'


  • I was juss reminded of issues i as reader wont touch yet so many dismiss it n barge on like a blind bull in a china store. such as pregnancy am i pregnant, well hello am i a doc or obgyn? is my diploma visible? many readers aint a doc or an obgyn, n the ONLY that can say if any is preggers is the dang bloodwork. peeing on a stick may indicate u is BUT they r in a margin of faults. i say again blood work is the only reliable source.

    another issue is infidelities. ugh i cannot read those that cheat on their spouce bc its a way to get us to say sure go ahead eff around to ya hearts content n noooo ure partner doesnt know they r oblivious to it.

    i get the caught in the triangle, affair with married person, BUIT its hard once a choise has been made o b the other woman or other man. in such its u made ur bed lie init n the choise is, leave call it quits bc chance they will leave their spouce is macrotiny. slim very eff slim.

    what about u?


  • I can feel you hear how can you keep your patience in life if someone barking in a wrong tree...where is the respect how could you makes a comment like that I am aquarius and I can easily smell people.I adore you PH YOUR a great listener people can easily say that you can never move on and never grow up what makes you think of that I only believed in myself and i trust my own gut.I may be very vocal but that's how realized the pain that I keep inside if I am a broken recoed and commit the same mistake sorry if you think that I am very stubborn and I cut myself short I honestly appreciate every single advice people gave me but please dont expect me to heal straight away cos every minute and every second in our life people change and I am open to any point of view and always give a benefit of the doubt If i knew it was given. I've learnt a lot I am a good person I give my all and put others before me not because I'll try to please them just because I care about them and I always give people credit but it doesn't mean I am expecting in return and more than i can give to them its not that.Asked we always told were just human and commits mistake and able to commits mistake to learn how patient we have and how much more I can give.I am a person love to gift gives but it doesn't mean I buy you or pleasing you cos most of the time I was busy and away from them and to show my gratitude I'll express myself like that cos I haven't got mush time with them.Its a good a good feeling to learnt how to fight your own battle and be who you are and greatful what ever result I have its just sometimes we can't really stop questioning our self like what did i done to you for all i know i care a bout you but please i never asked anything in return but appreciate me that I care about you unconditonally I am talking in general .If you think that people depressed so much give then encourage words and after set them free for all the pain they had that the time give them heavy words by saying like a piece of joke and not kinda serious how stupid you are to allow this things for you may be I am but in the eye of God I've done it for you whole hearted.No is best in everyone of us all we need to do was understanding and compromising each other communication is the key .I myself getting emotional all of the disaster happening in our world instead of replying news every now and then why can some reports say something in the end of their report let us pray together to heal mother nature and give us peaceful and life with worriness in any calamity now a days and to all the people died let pray for them rest in peace and God is always with us to shower love and leave a peaceful healthies life.

  • This post is deleted!

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