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  • Hi and Welcome to the Readers Side Of The Table.

    I invite all readers regardless of tools to tell here what it is like to be on the side of the table as readers. In this way i HOPE to spread it to all who requests a reading of all sorts to us.

    I had hoped it would not be nescessary, but with the amount of new members each day, sadly it has become a nescessity. So readers please, join this thread and tell your stories.- Good and bad ones, all so we all can learn, and grow.

    thank you


  • BUMP!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I think I see what you are trying to do CWB.

    My perspective:

    This is a whole new level of experience for me. I've always been told I am a good listener, that I have deep intuition. I've even been told by my Aunt that I am gifted. Self-doubt has always held me back however. I have been - and still am to a degree - afraid of giving the wrong advice. Recently though, I have loosened up my inhibitions and accepted that it is simply that - advice. Take it or leave it, it's your choice. And no, there is no right or wrong answer in that regard.

    When I came here and decided to part with my advice, I did decide to do it only if I "felt" I had something to say. A connection in other words. My recent reading from Miss Beth's Angels actually confirmed I am doing the right thing, only replying to topics I feel a connection with.

    If I don't reply to you, it's not personal. It just wasn't meant to be at this time. The one thing I would say however, is that if you truly want a reading, you have to open yourself fully. This means that you must accept that you may not get the answers you want to hear.

    Indeed, if I do reply to you, I will not be telling you what you want to hear, but rather what you need to hear. I'll always find the right way to put it to you, but I will not sugarcoat it.

    Some guidelines for all those asking for a reading:

    Patience is a virtue. I know all too well what it's like to have a million and one questions going through your mind and wanting answers to them all yesterday. But pain is a significant part of the growing and healing process. Give yourself the time. The more it hurts the longer it's going to take to heal. Trust that the Universe is providing you with an important lesson. Trust that you will get through this.

    If your situation is that painful to you, then something big is changing within you. That process itself takes months to complete. Do be prepared to allow at least 6 to 8 weeks before noticing significant changes in your life.

  • yes n no. no bc its more a conscious wake up call to all of us who ask readers.

    requestees forget often we too as readers r human n has lives, n more importantly the pressure they lay on us by asking us in tsunamiwaves.

    this thread is meant as a listen up requestees n see it from the readers vantage point.

    many are not aware of the tsunami effect it has on those that offers kindly hearted from their souls.

    ive seen too many get scared away by the tsunamis of requests flowing in. Ive seen offers made than within mere 24 hours had 16 pages of requests added to it. within 48 tripled.

    i my self have stepped in to help numerous time only to accumulate repeated requests, double as many pages of request than those replied to. once i stepped in to help a distraught new reader, replies added 30 pages to the already 16 pages there, before i was done 30 more pages of requests alone was made.

    even i was unable to return bc to me as reader it felt like a never ending flood of water. i drowned.

    since then ive followed a set of criterias. 1 is i choose whom i wish to help, no one else does.

    And that adds to my idea of this thread. to show all readers n requestees especially what it is like to b the reader n be blown away by the magniftude of requests.



  • I see. I also agree 🙂

    The onus is on both readers and requestees to pace ourselves. Patience and an openness to the Truth will go a long way for all involved.

  • Sadly many doesnt see this at all. its a shame though!

  • Well I guess it's lucky that you started this thread then 🙂

  • Yup indeed lol n i hope more will join in the debate1

  • CWB I believe in a old saying that a man made a long time ago and you probably know it ,give a man a fish feed him for a day ,teach a man to fish feed him for a life time ,what dam good does it do to know what tomorrow brings if my day today is Screwed up by my own actions if i want truth maybe i need to see what is blocking it or why if your a drunk sure i can tell you whats going to happen tomorrow are you a liar yes i can tell you what the results will be or a cheater ,if you go out and sc*rew around on your spouse and afraid he or she will find out and your wanting to know if he or she will find out my God wake up what do they expect how about quit FF around, i will not tell someone what they want to hear i deal in truth of self and how to get there not stay in it ,if a person is having problems, get into solutions not stay in the problem and that is not popular or its not going to make me popular but i am not trying to start a business here either or worry about what someone thinks of me i try my best to be nice but sometimes i am not and a lot of times most do not want to hear the truth they want someone to fix them or someone to tell them to keep doing what is causing the problems anyway and i will not do that .

    I guess that is why is i am not ask much i guess so i don't have to worry much about that as you all do could i do that as you all ? Yes but i rather show you how to solve problems they might be having instead of encouraging them to stay in it or around it but seeing what is really behind it what turns me off real quick and i see it every day here and then the ones who is testing you to see if you really know, that is funny then the ones here just to impress and drum up business that's funny to and sad.

    I wonder if the ones asking really understand that some times we see it all and what is behind the question even the ones who profess to be readers that is really funny sometimes i play little games with them shame on me . But CWB i am still waiting to go have coffee with you man could we have some conversations LOL. CWB remember when not in truth what stems from it ,like i want it now tell me what i want to hear or your wrong when are you going to get to me i got a life to live and remember also when your not in truth how can you be in love or caring about others ,so yes some times it get upsetting to say the least but have you ask your self in a while why you do this and what for ,you know what i like about you ? You are you and sometimes it get overwhelming but remember the why and that Father will not put on you more than you can handle but we also have to know our limits and boundaries .

    You know you act tough and mean sometimes but remember i see and i know you are a very giving and loving person and you put others before yourself and Father wants you to be the best you can be just be you and remember to take time for you and you need Love to and if no one has told you lately they Love you well i do and i care about you and sometimes the job gets hard and lonely but you have a lot of friends here who care and love you and i am one of them and i am still waiting on that cup of coffee LOL Love Ya Tooter

  • Remember Truth is not popular and its bad for business do we sacrifice it then ? NO

  • Well said Tooter

    if ya in town of mine lemmi know n we´ll go have that dang coffee. Or in my case tea lol

  • CWB I would Love to be able to come there one day had always been a dream of mine and to go own a walkabout and fishing but the fishing has changed not after the big ones anymore LOL and i would have Tea with you Love Ya Tooter

  • Another issue that kinda irks us readers is the jump to last page and post request without reading all the first pages NO MATTER HOW MANY.

    Often VITAL information is lost, and it grrr readers that they and thos ( like me ) who watches out for ém has to keep requestees in line.

    Its a substantial ggrrr moment. I KNOW new members can´t be fully aware but i ask often, what EVER happened to ya COMMON sense of justice? Common sense washed to sea. I do NOT buy the oh i dont have much time to read all em pages, well HELLO u´re on the internet, u´re in a forum HELLO than u HAVE the time.

    or am i wrong here?

    Sheesshsh ........................................... Tooter when can u be here LOLOL

  • Patience is a virtue huh? 🙂

  • May wanna elaborate on that one PH???

    What is it u think Tooter and i are?

    cwb puizzled

  • Sorry cwb, it was in reference/support to your statement of readers jumping to the last page and not taking the time to read everything.

  • Ah LOL so NOT what i thought u was saying HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAH

    yea patience IS a virtue. I use it each day, i LOATHE the word but rewards always comes lol


  • As a reader it annoys me when people don't day Thank You for a reading and totally dismiss it and or ignore it. Usually happens when they don't agree with a reading. so rude...

  • I can deal with ignoring but the turn on ya n call u names n such, not cool nor ok!

    but ye a thank u goes a long way.

  • CWB I added you on FB and left my EM for you ,you can see all my pretty grand daughters i got a bunch Love Ya Tooter

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