Could We be Soulmates Despite Tumultuous Relationship???

  • I am a cancer male involved and have been involved with a gemini female for over 6 months. When things are going well, I'm soaring amongst the clouds, but, when they're not, there is mutual mistrust and maybe even a bit of contempt for the other's actions. We have both done and said some very hurtful things to eachother but, for some unknown reason, neither of us can let go. I seem to need her in my life. Even if her presence therein is unhealthy and destructive. I was looking at our charts and, although I'm far from even competent, there seems to be an amazing amount of synastry. I then looked at the signs for soulmate connections and our charts practically scream with them. Here are a few that I think to be true: my moon is in opposition to her sun; her sun opposes my ascendant; my nodes are on her ascendent/descendent; Her moon is conjunct my northern node; My moon is square her nodes; my ascendent/descendent is conjuct her midheaven/imum coeli. I believe all these to be true but am not 100% sure. Could someone please do a reading for me, and, if it is written in the stars, offer advice on how to turn the relationship in a positive direction?


    San Antonio, Texas

    6:11 p.m. June 25,1980


    Columbus, Ohio

    1:21 a.m. May 23, 1988

  • Hi, what about making your own destiny and new chart? every relationship as their up and down, if you like this person speak to them about your feeling and find out about their feeling too, isnt this not a better way to face your reality. i m sure someone people read well but isnt you the real master of your own life. i hope you dont feel offended. you obviously care for this person, they dont waste no day and show them that, human being can be so confused and understand things in their own way, communication is the key to improve any relationship. good luck

  • I agree with Star2u. If you really love her and don't want to leave her, you guys need to really buckle down and work on your issues. If there is mistrust, talk about WHY you don't trust each other. Its not an easy conversation to have, but if you want things to work you need to have it. Sit down and make a list or something....and BOTH of you need to be dedicated to making it work. if you do this, and things are still crazy....well, you may just have to leave. At the time it will seem hard, but if its better for you both in the long run you need to do it. But really try to fix things first.

  • Side stepping the issue you two might be having i just want to comment really on the soulmate factor. If you are soulmates great, but it doesn't give you any certainty of happily every after. people believe different definitions of soulmates and often use the term instead of twin flames but even if you were twin flames, great still doesn't guarantee a fairy tale romance.

    I have met a few people i'd consider soulmates myself some have hurt me and some have just continued on with their own lives after saying 'hi' to me so to speak.

    Sometimes soulmates are in your lives for the teaching/learning aspect, annoying but true. Again though not always rosy.

    Don't mean to rain on your parade but i think you have the impression of there being only 1 person on earth that is perfect for you and you for them and that she is it. Well i can't say 100% certainty but what i've learned tells me there are many potentials out there. Just have to make up your mind and decide.

  • wow!! this sounds exactly what i have gone through for the last 6 mos with a Gemini woman.

    she decided about a month ago she needed space and needed to date other guys. we have done the same thing. had our fights but right back together. I just cannot push myself away. she told me on wednesday she found another person she has feelings for. it nearly killed me. we went out Saturday night for what was suppose to be our final night out together. We were both in tears when I left her. I have been told before to leave her alone and she will be back but never have been able to stay away from her. very destructive for me. I think this time I will stay away and see if she comes back. Geminis are suppose to be that way so we will see.

    best I can say is give them space and don't destroy yourself over it like i have. i am miserable but determined I will get through this. I have never felt love like this before in my 54 yrs of life and hate to think i might have to wait another 54 to feel it again. Read everything you can about gemini and soak it all in. if they are a true gemini then you can bet what you are reading will be true. Good luck to you. dont think it is your sign or the combination. I think it is just the way gemini is and how attracted we are to them. they are exciting!!

  • @ Star2u/MariaRia I fully intend to live my life and make choices in it based upon my feelings at the time and the facts that are in front of me. That's the only way to live life, but there seems to be something fatalistic about this relationship and the role it has to play in my life and I'd like to know if there may be something fundamentally deeper going on underneath the surface.

    @ aquagirlleorising I'm not sure what I believe about the "one" or if there is someone whom you are meant to be with. All that I know is I should walk away from this girl and, for some reason, can't, and, despite my "crabby" nature and inclination to hold on to things, some of the things that have happened would be enough cause for me to instantly cut her out of my life for anyone I've ever known with the exception of her.

    @ They are maddenigly frustrating. She does things that, if I were to do them, she would find reprehensible. The double standards are simply impossible. I am young enough, and have absolutely everything going for me in life, and have many attractive options. Yet, somehow I can't divorce myself from this girl, and everytime I work up the resolve to do so she will go to great lengths to keep me from getting away. I think she may be a siren and I am simply beguiled by her mesmerizing song, or possibly she's a succubus and everything has been simply a dream. lol

  • Hi virgo56, i completely agree with you, giving them space really work, with the gemini man i use to see i never chased him, just leave him to his doing and his always come around for the past 2 years.

    Sadly i find out by doing some research that he is been engage to another woman for the 2 years we been together and it cut me deep.

    The worst part in all this is i always been there for him and when all came out, he deny my feeling to feel hurt about the situation and came to me to talking about this woman and how he didnt want to her etc.

    my god it was horrible

    I didnt fight it i simply surrender to the situation but he hurted me

    now all i want is to move on and to never see this guy again

    still he keep emailing tell me about how much he love her etc.. thing that hurt me a lot

    i have no idea why he keep doing this to me and why his telling me so much he love her suddenly.

    i didnt fight him and just have let him ago without a fight and made clear to him that i do not want cheater in my life

    still it seem this is not the end of it because he planed to speak to me in 1 year and i dont know why?

    i had to make completely clear to him that i never want to see him again but with Gemini you never know what they decide to do in the next day.

    Space is surely the way with them, the more you chase them the more they simply get overloaded and they seem to go further from you

    They seem to make everyone feel connected to them but i can tell you, i m done with mine, he treated me at the end like i didnt exist at all, telling lies to his girlfriend and family that i was a girl that was chasing him from work and he didnt know me at all.

    it was so painful, he belittle me so much,

    By the way i found the truth about his fiance by contacting few people in his facebook.

    the truth came out straight after this

    he say he love his fiance but he got engage with her in 20 December in the day and in the evening he was with me.

    he never stopped contacting me

    I asked him many times if he had a girl but he always told me during the two years he was single.

    For me this story is over for good.

  • crazyCrustacean, you have all the "facts" you need. Don't doubt the answers you have found for yourself. Your relationship has very well been written in the stars, but the answers lie within you now.

    Trust your instincts, the relationship is fantastic, so work on it. With her. Seek the help of a relationship counsellor so both of you get a chance to be "heard".

  • @ Piscean Healer: My instinct tells me to leave her, and, by forcing her to face the prospect of losing me, also force her to face her feelings for me, which she currently struggles to deny, so that she can return to me with a more healthy outlook on our relationship together. The tone of your response indicates to me that you may have some knowledge/skill in chart reading. I just noticed that my vertex, which is in perfect conjunction with my mercury in my eigth house and in the sign of my sun, forms a grand trine with her north node and my Uranus. Her north node completes this grand trine. Also prominent is that our composite vertex forms harmonious aspects with the composite Sun, Mars, and Moon. Actually, upon further inspection, I see that we complete multiple grand trines for eachother. Any insight you could offer on this or any other aspect relationships you noticed would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi crazyCrustacean,

    I'm afraid I don't have that much knowledge. Quite the contrary actually. You have more knowledge than you are giving yourself credit for. I actually get the impression that you have all your answers. Very well done by the way 🙂

    Now is the time to put those answers to work for you and your relationship. But don't be too forceful. I still believe the key here is to work together. Her opinions, her point of view, and her feelings are equally important. As are yours of course. Which is why I suggest some sort of mediation like counselling.

    The two of you can make this work, believe in that and you'll be fine.

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