Having the toughest time

  • watch your water watergirl!

  • HAHAHA! My daughter has a t-shirt that say "Catholic School Survivor" -- irreverent humor is very healing!

    Thanks for the laughs!

  • WOW! I fell like I'm the problem.....I live in Columbus, OH~a Christian~and a Buckey Fan.

    But really hon, their advice is worth more than diamonds. And who better to listen to then the ones who have had the experience of life's in's and out's and also can see through the brick wall for you?

    And while you can (before it's too late), fix your karma with these excellent, gifted people. Don't continue the abuse.

  • aqua2378,

    I've received fabulous advice and guidance in the short time I've been here and I didn't want another lost soul to loose out on some great insight!

    You said it so much nicer than "my inner child thinks your inner child is a poopy head if you don't apologize" No, No, Bad Karma for me!

  • Be kind to yourself Kookish--your inner child is delightfully special! Follow your gut--no regrets. You said what you had to say--now go play inner child! BLESSINGS!

  • You're the best Blmoon! I did meet my inner child years ago, it's me when I was 4 year old and good Lord she talked alot! Kind of like me in real life. I'm off to fill water bottles for my son's rugby practice so there'll be a little mud involved! BLESSINGS TO YOU AS WELL!

  • Kookish, I thought your comment was mighty humorous đŸ™‚

    How great to meet your inner child! so fun!

  • Are we actually surprised at her response? I am not. LostStarGaizer is in a world of hurt right now and in a place of retreat and defense. From her history and upbringing she publically announced her role-models have always dished out abuse when thelling her it's her fault.

    So when you tell her that she is the problem you will instantly trigger the feeling of being attacked, and her response: the only one she knows, abuse. So LostStar... I forgive you for feeling angry, and you need to forgive yourself too.

    I know what you are going through except I have 4 kids while my wife works (one is 7 months old one is 3yrs the others are in school. I have no real friends here yet but I have calmed right down and almost instantly I became accepted.

    But I am not telling you to calm down and accept that the town will have you when YOU are ready. That's just what happened to me... but only after living in several other cities!

    If you need to move, then concerntrate on moving. It will do you the world of good.

    Write down one goal (whether it be to make a new friend, feel inner peace, or move towns)

    Now write under it 5 negative things that will happen if you don't do this thing. Now under That write 10 positive reasons why you must acheive this goal. Now take one action (however small) towards that goal.

    Let me know what happens after a week!

    Oh, I live in Australia, despise all pushy religious types yet still find love for all, Including YOU!

  • I was trying to say: It is not your fault. If you do not like your situation it is because you believe you deserve better, and you do deserve better. Ponder this quote:

    "people who accept nothing but the best, very often get it!"

  • Loststargazer and I seem to have much in common. I, too, am "stuck" in Ohio. Brrr, don't care for the cold! But, as for living with abuse, been there. Having them tell me that it was my fault, been there, too. Yes, I fleed from family, as far as i could get, but I still was not happy. Then, one day, I came to realize that my "unhappiness" wasn't so much to do with "where" i was.

    The real problem was that I had somehow taken this "guilt" and "believed" that it was mine. So, I shouted to the wind,"This was not my fault, and I will no longer accept it". The next step was to forgive them of their trespasses against me. But that does not mean that you let them do it again. Then forgive myself for the horrible feelings that I felt against them.

    Next came a time of looking at the love of the family that was all mine and learn to "rise above" what once was. I now know that it does not matter "where" I go, It's the "who I am" and "how I live" that brings joy into my life.

  • A simple quote that helps me forgive......"Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do".

  • Dear Lost Stargazer, my thoughts and prayers are with you. May you find your inner light and let it shine! Soon you'll find that like a moth to a flame, many will also be drawn to you and you shall have many friends! And may peace at last be yours. Your "promised land" shall await you when you are ready to enjoy it"s abundance.

  • Look for the things that you ARE grateful for, as this will attract more of the things you WANT to be grateful for!

  • OK-I usually don't put more than my one thought in. I usually feel it best to say as little as possible and let it go....

    But I feel compelled this morning. I too cannot say I was ideally treated in my childhood. I NEVER used this as an excuse to treat others poorly. I actually have seen how people reacted to the unkind words that would flood out of my parent’s mouths. This alone showed me that I will not treat others in this manner. Yes defense is the first reaction, not just in the abused but in humanity period. So the reaction is understandable, but not acceptable. And because us here understand that backlash, when fronted with the truth its natural and apparently uncontrollable at this time, will forgive.

    You are given these lessons for reasons. You have to look into yourself to figure out why. Life is not meant to stay stagnant; obstacles are there to make that growth happen.

  • AMEN! free will!

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