Help interpreting Simplified Celtic Cross Reading

  • Hi everyone! I was wondering, I have some ideas about what this means but I always have trouble reading for myself, in that I don't want to be wanting to read something into the cards that aren't there! I am a bit of a novice as well.

    I asked "what will happen and/or what should I do regarding a person I have a crush on?" We used to work together, and have never been close. I recently started to become interested and two weeks before I was supposed to leave my job they started acting interested as well. Now I really don't see them, but we have many mutual friends.

    Here are the cards that came up:

    1. Experience to date/recent past: Judgement

    2. Where am I now/what motivates the question: The Lovers

    3. Near future/ how I've emerged from recent past: Prince of Pentacles

    4. Me in the future/how surroundings will affect me: Ace of Wands

    5. Best I can hope for: Prince of Cups

    6. Out come: Ace of Pentacles

    The Judgement card makes perfect sense for me at this time/ recent past as I have been going through some emotional changes. Obviously, my motivation is the desire for love, so the Lovers made sense for that too. I think the Prince of Pentacles represents me, based on what I know of the card. I am unsure though if the Prince of Cups represents my love interest or not. The outcome card stumps me because it seems to be based on material things and this reading wasn't about anything material...that's where I am having the most trouble.

    It is interesting too because 2 weeks ago I asked a general love question of what would happen over the next 3 months. The Prince of Cups came up in the Energy around me now category of a full Celtic Cross spread. (that was the only similar card but they seemed to be in similar positions in the spread). I would love some help interpreting this!!! Thanks so much in advance!


  • I should add the I use Witches Tarot by Ellen Cannon Reed and the Prince cards are equivalent to the Knight cards in Rider-Waite.

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  • I agree with your interpretation for the most part, just some extra thoughts..

    Prince of Pentacles - You have become more practical in your thinking in regards to love or this man.

    The Ace of Wands , Ace of Coins and Prince Of Cups can mean the start of a romantic relationship.

  • Thanks for your help!! I appreciate it. 🙂

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