Relationship Celtic Spreads... Need help for interpretation

  • Im asking about the Love Relationship of me with another person... but we are yet to have any relationship....

    Significator= Lover

    1st card= Page of Swords

    2nd card= 5 of wands

    3rd card= 6 of swords

    4th card= The Death

    5th card= 7 of cups

    6th card= 9 of swords

    7th card= 9 of coins

    8th card= 4 of cups

    9th card= The Empress

    10th card= 2 of cups

    Seems to have unpleasant card of the (9 of swords in the 6th card as the future) but the 10th card seems positive of 2 of cups... to me the entire spread really confused me...

    I need some help in interpreting it... thanks you

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