Saturday's Super Moon

  • Hi, everyone! anyone have a special ritual they'll be doing for tomorrow night's full moon - closest to the earth in 18 years and a special "Super" Moon? I've found one that sounds fun...and hope everyone will get to see this beautiful miracle moon!

    Blessings for all,


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  • Jlina,

    Ok, sent you one.

    Here is one of mine own, which I like.


    We sometimes forget that moonlight is simply the light of the Sun, reflected and softened for us to look at with the naked eye. How fortunate we are to have this mirror of light. When we honor the Moon, we also honor the Sun. Both celestial bodies are important to our lives. Find a place where you can see the Moon, either indoors or outside. Capture the moonlight by reflecting its image in a bowl or glass of water. Gaze upon the reflection for as long as you like, meditating, thinking of what you need: healing, strength, confidence, or just general well-being—anything you wish to manifest in your life. When you are ready, chant the following:

    Reflected light, sunlight at night,

    Gift of Earth’s stone satellite;

    Silver, shining, sister Moon,

    I receive this light and manifest my boon.

    Drink the water (not all of it), imagining you are drinking the liquid light of the universe, of life itself. Feel your body being energized, healed, filled with magic, your spirit renewed. Leave a few drops and pour it on the ground or into a potted plant as an offering of thanks.

    By: Ember (modified by Ibelieve)

    You can do just the above or add an alter, candles, crystals, flowers, picture/symbol of your wish or anything else you want. Make it as much or as little as you desire or have time for.

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  • big big moon--howl howl!

  • sorry folks--my pics are to big--but that's were I was--at the beaxh taking photos.

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  • Raccoon, the "little bandit" whose medicine is generous protector. Provider for the young, the infirm and the elderly. Often called the Robin Hood of the animal kingdom, Raccoon gives to his troupe before taking anything for himself.

    Raccoon is the embodiment of what GOES around, COMES around.

  • Hi J! I did the Rose Ariadne ritual as well. We had some cloud cover so it was not as spectacular as others have been in the last few months. Last night it was barely visible. BTW I throw like a girl ROTFL!!!

  • Moon was amazing, it lit up the entire sky at the weekend, and i sat and watched it for about 10 minutes, it was freezing, so i sat by a window, was at a friends, and there was no stars cause the moon was too bright, but that was Ok. It was pretty cool. Massive 🙂

    Bee Xx

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