Whats wrong with cap guys?? Please Help!!

  • I met him online, March 2009. We started talking and it was going well but he was never sure about meeting. So after 6 months i lost interest and we lost touch. He then found me again in FB sometime around late 2010. We started talking again and he said he never stop thinking about me and this time he sounds very excited about meeting. So we finally met and it was great our first date. And we started dating. He even asked me if i wanted to see other people and i said no. He said does not want to see other people either. It went well for 5 months. He started school from February (he also works full time) and that's when I notice he was getting distant. I am in school too. There were one time we were suppose to meet for the weekend but he said at the last moment he cant because he had lot of school work to do, I was little upset, but not for long though. Recently he said He feels guilty because he is letting me down, not giving me enough time but i never complain. Anyway yesterday he said he wants to be friend now, even though he likes me lot but he is too busy. I haven't heard a single word from him whole day today.I don't understand, I really like him a lot. He told me he is crazy about me and he wants to love me. Was that all fake, I don't get it. Is he going to come back? Or its just over? I am really sad, didn't see it coming at all...

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  • He is completely analyzing his options and he will keep all doors open as long as he needs. You are not his 1st choice.

  • pinkypawser:

    Thank you for your reply. What do you think i should do now...just move on and forget about him? I miss him so much.. 😞

  • Pinkpearl,

    I am a cappy and will share with you what women cappies are. I think men cappies are the same as us. We are workaholics to a fault and will tend to drop mundane things to perform a task. We think that is noble, responsible and mature. We are serious people. We listen to what you say and analyze it. If it is logical, we believe it. If it is not logical we discard it but will keep you at bay just in case it was a mistake or you made a mistake. We are super loyal, the most loyal in the zodiac ( according to the zodiac) but this loyal is earned. Go back to "logical" - our loyalty is yours if we believe you, trust you, and could rely on you. go back to "workaholic" - our loyalty is yours if we believe and trust you and of course, will then think there will be no problem with our being workaholics. With that said, a cappy invests time and undivided love to the winner of our hearts. With that said, a cappy could be tested time and again, and will show not be corrupted by temptations around as long as you show the same devotion to the love they give. That is the working philosophy. On the practical side - be nature because he/she will sense the unnatural and will step away quietly from you. If he loves you he may give it a chance and ask you (its a test and a chance to redeem yourself and his doubting mind). Like his attitude towards work he will likely give you a chance or himself a chance to know you better by chatting or talking here and there, but will protect his heart until he is sure you're for real. If after he invest time and his love for you you on the other hand plants a doubt in his mind, he will store it for future reference. Should similar episodes keep on happening he will on day make a decision that would likely not be reversed. they can be bullish that way even to their own life's detriment, even if secretly they will keep in heart a burning love for you.

    Smile. Everyone has a partner coming for you in this world.

  • Thank you Tellstar:

    Do you think he just made an excuse to break up? Maybe it was just time pass for him. He is the one who started, why would he start if he is not ready for a relationship. He is 32 yrs old. I am an aqua I value honesty and i feel like he is not being honest. I tried to find a solution (i asked him we can talk and come up with something) for our conflicting schedule but he didn't seem to put any effort. If you feel guilty about not giving enough time to your partner will you decide to stop giving them any time at all...or you will try to do something about it? I met his friends several times, later i found out he asked them what they thought about me, and he was happy because his friends liked me.

    Everything was going well, its just hard to believe that he wake up one morning and decide to be my friend. Oh well...

  • Its possible he did want to start 'seriously' dating until he actually got into school and realized he didn't want to divide his time so much. Its true, he may think he made the 'smart, mature' decision and I think he was thinking with his head more then his heart. I don't know how he feels about you or how much he likes you, but its possible that he just realized starting a relationship was a bad idea and he wanted to focus on school.

    My advice is to move on. Don't wait on the sidelines for him...he let you go, so go. If you get swept up by someone else and he comes back to you too late (if he does) then he'll learn his lesson about dropping someone so quickly.

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