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  • I have been lurking on the forum for a while and thought i'd join! I had read that you have been reading cards for many years and I was wondering what you thought of this spread. I had someone do my cards on my relationship with someone I really want to get back together with, but haven't had much communication with for about three months. It's a love celtic cross.

    1. Love and Me - Justice

    2. Love Situation - Ace of Wands

    3. love Challenges - Knight of Swords

    4. Foundation - Queen of Wands

    5. Recent Past - four of Coins

    6. Higher Power - 8 of Coins

    7. Near Future - The world

    8. Blocks/Inhibitions - The Emporer

    9. Significant Other - 9 of Swords

    10. Advice - 7 of Wands

    11. Potential Outcome - Ace of Cups

    To me - this whole spread sounded great - like we were going to get back together and have the possibility of having a "new" love together. If you like, I can tell you what her interpretation was too......

    What do you think?

  • "Hmmm, there is a cool bead shop that carries nice decently priced items. They may have Black Tourmaline too, they have a huge selection. They are called Beads on Sunset across from the airport just east of the Post Office." Sekmetgoddess I got this information from a friend of mine who lives in the same town you do. She went to school with my daughter and has given me information on other things over the last few years. I don't know if you have been to this place or not. Hope it is of some help.

  • Hi,


    I'm very busy today but I'll lay out my cards and give it a try later on this evening.

    Whether its general or love or anything else I read my cards as follows:

    1 present positon

    2 crossing position( whats crossing the present)

    3 crownig ( whats the motivation)

    4 distant past

    5 recent past

    6 future

    7 YOU

    8 how others perceive you in this situtation

    9 your inner emotions reguarding question

    10 Final result

    So, you see I'll have to try to interpret the way they were original drawn. Which will be new to me.

    My answers will be short and direct not because I don't care. Thats just how I am. I usually take an hour to read a persons cards in person. And this will take me some time to adjust to the spread you've described above, interpret and type it in here. Probably, late tonight. ot tomorrow.

    Peace and Unity

    PS" Really have to think this over, off the hip so to speak- to many swords, to many wands. Only 1 cup.. Hum." Ace of Cups as potential out come, a miracle?"

  • SekhmetGoddess did you see my post for you just before yours. I don't know if you have been to this store or not. I contacted a friend of mine that lives in LV. She went to school with my daughter and she gave me the name of a place you may find what your looking for. Peace and Harmony

  • Sekhmetgoddess - I can tell you what her analysis of the cards was - she told me that justice meant that things are balancing out in our relationship right now and with the ace of wands covering it, it means that I am carrying a torch for him still. The Knight of swords is him and I am the queen of wands. the four of coins signified letting go of being controlling (me towards him) and that with the 8 of coins being next to it, we would be able to get past the past - so to speak. she told me the world is available to both of us and that we can come together because we have been apart long enough to get past any conflicts and are moving toward something new. She said that the 9 of swords in the significant other position showed he was dealing with some disappointment - possibly with someone he had thought that would have been the one - he may have dated her for a short period and she hurt him terribly and he is still grieving for that loss.

    Her final analysis was that he and I will get back together in a couple of weeks - she uses a calender to look at what's going to happen (she's also intuitive). She told me he was with one person while we have been split, but he has been thinking about me alot and why he ever blew me off. she also told me that I needed to let my insecurities go and remember that I am it for him - no matter what. Even though he "ran away", he cannot and will not find anyone that will be me. She told me that he has had a lot of lonely nights, alot of disappointment with wormen since I've been gone and he has had alot of hangovers. She also said that he would be calling me as early as mothers day - but that hasn't happened yet and i fear that maybe she was wrong. she told me she saw us getting together in the 20's of this month and that is carries into June and July. She said that i cannot call him - I have to wait for him to call me and THAT is killing me. So i don't know what to have faith in and what not to. I have called her before and she has been right on everything so far, but I guess I have a hard time being patient. That is another thing she told I would need. She told me that if I stuck it out with him and was patient with him - it would all pay off for me tenfold.

    That's her psychic impression and tarot reading so I don't know what to think at this point - especially after you said it would have to take a miracle...........

    I am now wondering what you're interpretation will mean...........

  • 1 Justice, It calls for you to be honesty with yourself.

    2 Ace of wands, It indicates your eagerness(desires)

    3 Knight of swords, This knight shows an eagerness to rush into a storm. Nothing will stop him or her. Even the steads looks worried, doubting the riders wisdom.

    4 Queen of wands, She is confident, sometimes even over whelming others.

    5 Four of pentacles It shows a person holding tightly to there disks. He or she holds the four over the head and chest and under both feet. As, to shield themselves from a dangerous situtation.

    6 Eight of pentacles this is a card of learning a skill.

    7 the World, Is a wonderful card to recieve in any reading. In a difficult situtaton the person dances through the situtation with easy.

    8 The Emperor, This cards indicates the need to act responsible.

    9 Nine of swords, This card is about cruelty. A long standing problem which can no longer be ignored.

    10 The seven of wands, This card is know as the card of Valour. Seeing images of courage and combatativeness. Becoming over aggrssive towards a problem. " A person behaving outrageously for the sake of change." The person simply ingores advice contrary to what they want. Beating down all opposition.

    11 Ace of cups, Has the immediate meaning of a time of happiness and love. However, when we look at some thing soley to be conquered we bring only choas. His Love your love can not be seized, but only accepted.

    I don't really know you or her. But this reading is all about you. Being honest with your self. Your past was probably a learning exeperience with this person Uuuggg, the nine of swords. Did you look at the picture? Its him. Do you really want a cruel, depressed man back in your life? Or is it just your ego? (I'm not trying to be mean only honest, ok.)

    Surely, you can call him. Has he lied to you before? The cards tell me so, with two recurring aces.

    How in the world would it pay ten fold for you? The entire reading is swimming in swords and wands.

    SWORDS: Are weapons. they signify pain, anger, destruction, There ungrounded thoughts that could become voilent. They cause lifes problems. You can not over come them by just ignoring them.

    WANDS: They stand out as the most powerful. Like a spark of fire. Wands constantly struggle, not because of the problem, but just for the love of conflict.

    If you want to battle for this man and with him. Thats exactly what it will be.

    Ask you self is he or this relationship worth the sacrifices you'll have to make? Not to mention his lying.

    If your ok with all the bs thats coming with it, go for it.

    I"m irritated by the above interpretation, just to let you know.

    Is this person you see a professional?

    A good relatonship reading is swimming in cups and pentacles, not swords and wands!

    Sorry if you don't like what I've written. I only read them as I see them.

    I have to go for now. I'm going to have a nice cold drink and cigarette.

    Pleaz, really think this over. Really, really, really!

    Peace and Unity

  • Hi

    LibrasLair, Thanks for thinking of me. No, I have not been to the Bead store on Sunset. If i go to that part of town I will take a look. I bought a reasonably priced Black Tourmaline bracelet at Herbally Grounded. It was like $9.00 dollars and tax.

    I live in the west side of town. So, Eastern and Sunset is not far but not around the corner. You know what I mean.

    Herbally Grounded is close by, a little prices but there convenient. They sell bulk herbs at a good price. Some stuff can be expensive.

    They have a Dalmation and sterling silver necklace there its over $50.00 do you think thats to much? Or is that average? I used only buy stones for there beauty. Now, I'm buying them for there healing properties. I was still drawn to this stone. Its the only one she has. So, do you think the price is to high? Or is it a good price because of the sterling silver? I really like it. I wish I was doing better financially. I would have just bought it instead of thinking it over.

    Peace and Unity

  • SekhmetGoddess I am glad you found the tourmaline that cheap I was hoping for just a raw stone. Something you can carry in your pocket or in a pouch. Yes I think its expensive if you don't have much to spend. I would have sent you the stones. Like I said that Broken Arrow sends stones in an envelope and its still really cheap. I make bracelets with a magnetic clasp but you shouldn't wear it if you are on a computer. I will mess with the computer. I can get most stone if I don't already have them. I give them away all the time. You just need to let me know. You might want to check out the one my friend told me about because I specifically asked her about raw ones. You know you may cleanse any of your other stones that hold negativity with the tourmaline or you can smudge them too. Good luck hunting.

  • SekhmetGoddess I forgot where you posted your picture now and I can't find it to save it incase I need to send stones to you. I remember what you look like but I would rather save it for reference. I still sometimes let memorys get away from me even tho its been a while since my last treatment. I am a Libra and we are airy so I usually contribute it to that and being a blonde. Don't laugh it works for me. I won't admit its because I will be 61 this

  • SekhemtGoddess I found your picture and I tried to post mine but it keeps telling me they are too big and I don't know how to make them smaller. Oh well I tried.

  • Sekhtmetgoddess - thank you so much for your interpretation. I have my concerns about getting back together with this man. I do love him deeply, but what she told me seemed so contradictory to what is exactly happening, I couldn't understand why if things were so great between us - then why is he not with me?

    I definitely needed someone to tell me the truth - as I stated earlier i love him and I do miss him terribly. He has never done anything egregious to make me hate him or not trust him at all. BUT - like I said - if he wanted to be with me - why isn't he here. I have a hard time trusting what she said - even though she told me I needed to be patient and have faith......

    Thank you so much!


  • Hi


    I hope it works out for you. I just read the cards the way they come. How ever they are. Thats it.

    The cards have meanings and if you learn the meanings. Then you'll know for your self. I'm happy I could help.

    Peace & Unity

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