Why Gemini men cheat?

  • Hi Everyone, last week i find out that the guy i dearly love his engage for the past 2 years to another woman. I been with him for 2 years now.

    anyway, they are now together and he saw absolutely no regard for my feeling or that i maybe very hurt regarding all this.

    after i made clear to him that i never want to see him again, he started emailing me daily last week how much he love his girl and he want to be with her for the rest of his life and he regret so much to have cheated on her.

    he then send me a list of every time we met and what we did and told me he regret all this.

    i was amaze he remember everything and everything that we did

    i was of course very hurt so i responded in hurtful way too by saying hurtful thing to him.

    Not sure why he keep emailing this to me as i haven't flighted back the situation i just accepted it and let it go.

    What i don't get is if he love this woman so much why did he cheat on her?

    he got engage with her but kept asking to see me.

    he had Christmas and other celebration day with her and as soon it pass he email me to ask to see me.

    his always online speaking to so many girls.

    i notice is mainly online looking for support because his extremely insecure.

    i dont understand why people cheat, why not be honest about what you want?

    why looking for the support you should get from your partner outside of your relationship?

    I m not ever sure that he will leave me alone as he never wanted to tell me the truth regrading his girl.

    the most painful thing is he didnt want to acknowledge my pain , he came back tell me only about how much he doesn't want to lose this girl, how much he doesn't want to hurt her

    i was wondering why he couldn't acknowledge that he hurted me too.

    His girlfriend has a little girl, it's not his, it's from her other boyfriend. looking at my guy i never could suspect he could handle to take care a child as his pretty much a child himself.

    his working away from home 5 to 6 days week, during the week his not online, he goes home during the weekend. what amaze me it's when he goes home to her that his online 3 to 4 hours day speaking to other girls.

    why does he do that? and where is she? no way i be living with guy and he come home only 2 days week and he be in a room alone for 4 hours speaking to other girls online and i dont notice a thing.

    anyway after she find out about what he been doing there were no Gap, they were back in bed straight with each other

    so many question hey??

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