This Card Fell Out of my Deck During Shuffling?

  • Hi everyone,

    So I've heard that if a card falls out of the tarot deck while you're shuffling, that should be taken as a sign... as a message that really REALLY had to get through to you. I heard that it should be held with great importance and that you should definitely think about it.

    So a few seconds ago, I was shuffling my tarot deck, preparing to read about the romantic possibilities between me and Andrew (his dob's Sept. 12th, 1991 and mine is Sept. 4th, 1992) and when I was shuffling the tarot deck in my lap, the King of Wands card fell out... no other card. Just that one fell out and floated to the side of my chair and landed on my left next to my chair, face up.

    I'm hoping that someone could interpret this message for me. Is it a message specific to Andrew because that's who I was shuffling to prepare to read about, or does anyone see that this might be an unrelated yet still important message?

    Thanks, if it's not good news I at least hope that it's not BAD news... it seemed like that card really wanted to escape the deck.


  • Oh and unfortunately, I just snatched it up right away because I was taken aback and also a bit worried so I don't remember if was reversed or not, which is unfortunate because I know that that's important.

  • Kings are about male energy and power, but I don't think it was about this man you were thinking about. It was a message to you about you. It also fell to your left side which is your male or masculine side. The message is to own more of the masculine energy in you - stop giving your power away to this guy. Stop obsessing about him...

  • watergirl18,

    Thank you for your reply - it's a very real and very relevant one. It stays consistent with most of the other readings that I've been getting. The other readers told me that he was interested but afraid of getting too close and that if I stopped obsessing, filled my life up with other things, and avoided him for awhile, things would get better.

    Thank you for this reading. When there are consistencies in readings, things get much clearer!

    Thank you again,


  • You're welcome, my dear. Spread your wings and FLY!

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