• im curious about a possible romantic or friendship relationship.

    ive met someone at a mall recently.there was a little flirting around and it doesnt seem like she minds having me around at the store.

    is it wise to continue this possible relationship?her name is angie and she was born in may.

  • She was just trying to drum up some business from you. I feel she already has someone in her life.

  • thanks captain,always real stripped down reading from you.i like that.thanks man'

  • Keep on trying! Just use your intuition more than your emotions or fantasies when assessing a situation.

  • Hello there Captain. I need help too. I have met a guy online his name is Jimmy he told me he was born October 30, 1985. We have been talking for almost everyday online for about a month and half now but he have never showed me his current picture or gave me a chance to see him on cam rather shown me his baby pictures. He told me he's real, never lied to me and I just have to trust him. do you see any possibilities with this relationship?

    my birthday is december 8, 1989 this might help. thank you.

  • Loveo, please start your own personal thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of this page and I will answer you there.

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