Kind of new... Seeking a reading, please?

  • Wondering if anyone could please help me out?

    Okay basically, I know that no matter how bad any situation seems, there is always hope that it will all go back to normal (well.. better than normal) if the right actions are taken. Hope is simply never lost from anything.

    I ask for someone to tell me exactly what that hope is in my situation? So I know how and when to act and fix everything?

    Thank you in advance- Emma

  • You will have to give some details on your situation if you want us to be able to tune into it.

  • Okay.. Basically, two years ago a man I was in love with broke up with me..

    I am still in love with him though and want to have him back.

    I see him every day still, we have the same friends etc, and I do try to talk to him, but I get little response.

    I know when we do get back together it will be better than the way it was before. I know hope is simply always there no matter what the situation, and I will take any chance I get, I just need to know what hope there is that remains.

  • Sorry, I hope you can help me~

  • Has he given you any indication at all that he wants to start up with you again in a love relationship? Two years is a long time to wait for someone who might not want to come back to you.

  • erm.. yes and no.. it's kind of complicated.

    You'd need to really know him to understand me here, but usually if he doesn't want someone talking to him or doesn't like someone... he gives them a look or replies in a tone that says "You are beneath me. Don't talk to me."

    When I try to talk to him.. it's different to that... he will either blank me completely or look at me in response, but not reply.

    I know that seems like a "no" but the thing is.. he did the exact same thing when I first met him, before we started going out...

    I hope I made sense here, it's difficult to explain..

  • No I don't feel he will ever have the same feeling for you that you have for him. I feel he has moved on and rarely thinks of you. He is someone who spends most of his time thinking of himself and satisfying his own desires and could never be faithful to just one partner. You are not in love with him, but with someone you want him to be, that he will never be. I picked this up about you in your photo reading. You need to live in the real world.

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