Cancer man and sag woman

  • please no judgements. i just need advice. i have a cancer male who i have known for about ten years. we have been talking on fb and he has been pursuing me since last summer. he has been married before with two kids. He currently has a gf who is now a fiancee. he also has a child by her. well i finally gave in to him and we didn't have sex but did other things. He told me he wanted to see me every chance i could come. i am in a relationship also. well since i went to his house, it;s like pulling teeth to get him to talk to me. it didn't go very well b/c i was nervous about my man fiding out. now he has gotten engaged since he has been barely talking to me. my question is why is he withdrawing from me after he said he still wanted to see me on the sly? do i just need to give him space and see if he comes around or what?

  • Dear Misssaqgirl,

    Please dont waste your time thinking why about this man.

    Just plain and simple let go of him and you will have less dramas!

  • i wish it was that easy. i may be a sag but i am like a cancer about not letting people from my past go. i have always wanted to hook up with him and it has been a dream come true for me, even if it is just a friends with benefits situation.

  • Well then you can accept that you'll be used and expect plenty of pain/drama. Cancers do not respect "booty call" types ever. Maybe you should get in counseling for self esteem issues. I'm serious.

  • i agree with nyccancer....i would NEVER date a booty call girl as us cancers can easily see those who are weak emotionally.

    ditch this dude!

  • good luck with that, are you willing to be used in that way...are your hopes that he will fall in love with you?

    I hope you love yourself enough to just let go....I don't care what sign anyone is, its about having respect for yourself and others..You have a man in your life also, remember that OK.

    love and light

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