Read me..

  • Not sure how this works.... but my dob is December 4

  • miss wishy next time add a please ok? many readers dont take orders or demands. the feeling is drop all u do n help me right now or else.....

    it makes readers shy away in a wide berth. I agree if we are to help u we need more information. i hope u get it sweetie. Happy easter

    markie, u r in violation of TOS n rules of tarot dot com forums. It clearly states no links or email addresses are permitted on forum threads. If admin is nice the link will b deleted, in worst u will be banned. please keep rules in mind. dont do the link thing, its bad manners n shows ye like i read the tos script n rules baaahhh i dont give a hoot. I feel u aint such a guy, so please leave the link away n out thanx


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