Relationship Reading (past=6 of wands, present=2 of cups, future= 6 of cups)

  • past=6 of wands, present=2 of cups, future= 6 of cups

    Is about relationship... I had a crush on my classmate.. i told him before but he had told me that he has no feelings for me.. devastated n feeling hopeless...but i dono why i still thinks that he does have feelings for me..

    so I draw a spread regarding it, regarding if I pursue him !!

    Im kinda confused with the meaning of all these cards... im not sure if it is positive or not... =C and what I should do...

  • The cards add up to number 5 , which is the Pope.. which means you will learn a lesson from this situation making you wiser.

    Past (6 Of Wands is you admiring him ) Present (2 of Cups is you offering him a relationship.. I feel he thinks of you as a friend. (6 of cups)... 6 Of Cups also urges us to move on and not think of the past too much or how things use to be.

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