Tarot Addminstration

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    " V I S U A L T A R O T "

    V I S U A L T A R O T . C O M

    FOUR PROGRAMS based on V I S U A L T A R O T Engine:

    1. Professional Edition (for Tarot Cards and Osho Zen Cards)

    2. Lenormand Edition (for Lenormand Cards and any 36-card decks)

    3. Runes Edition (for Runes and any 24-item Oracles)

    4. Psycards Edition (for Psycards Oracle)


    • Unlimited decks and other oracles (create your own with the Decks Creator)

    • Unlimited spreads (create your own with the Spreads Manager)

    • Use different interpretations of the cards in the spreads

    • View your spreads with different decks, compare the cards and interpretations

    • Powerful Card Titles and Card Meanings Managers.

    • Create and edit the spreads using the Designer

    • Name, save, print and share the spreads and interpretations!

    • Make screenshots of the spreads and readings at one click of the mouse!

    • Export(save) the 'Reading Report' in RTF (MS Word and Open Office compatible file format) and HTML formats.

    • Fully customizable windows interfaces and Card Table Layout

    • Use 78 cards or only Trumps (22 cards) or only Minor Arcans (56 cards) for the Tarot Readings

    • Use 36-card Decks (eg Lenormand Cards)

    • Use one or more Blank cards (empty cards) and Additional Empty Rune

    • Use Reversed Cards or do not use it

    • Repeat the Cards (this feauture is for Time-Line Spreads)

    • Compare the Cards and Runes (for researching and meditation)

    • Tarot Birth Cards Calculator

    • Many Extras (spreads, decks, etc) are available for download!

    V I S U A L T A R O T . C O M

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