Breaking Free in This Moment

  • a message from God channeled by Yael and Doug Powell

    Every time you give your heart to Me, every time you open to this Love, every time you lift into the consciousness of God -- every time you are returned to the fullness of your true nature. All that you are is made available to you, and the moment stretches infinitely until the power of your heart pulses through you and you recognize again who you really are.

    Every bit of life and Light and wonder, every single streaming song of grace, every living flower of the DNA of My perfection reclaims itself as your perfect template. Every glorious being of Love, every movement of the cosmos in this dance, every shining particle of the Light of God comes to serve your hearts and to sing the name “I Am.”

    As you step into the ocean of this Love, you let every perceived boundary fall away and instantly your life in all its fullness and its glory is once again yours to experience. You are infinity taking its breath. You are the Moment of Creation exploding Love. You are the reverence of the unified field of Oneness as I gaze upon myself and say “Yes,” to the magnificence within.

    When you can feel your freedom upon you and every boundary disappears, then you know you have reclaimed your truth as I Am, your truth as the living flame of All That Is. And I Am with you in a song of such perfection that it shall bring you to your knees in worship. Every misperception of the ego, then, can at last be loved and can release the piece of this consciousness that is your mind.

    When the mind of God I Am takes root in you and the shining view of infinite Love becomes the way you see all things, including the humans, then you will know you have reclaimed your truth and the infinite becomes focused here with your name, celebrating the perfection of Love in the kaleidoscope of beings dancing with ego. Yet, all the while, they are burning with the flame of Creation in their hearts.

    When you reclaim your wholeness and your perfection, even for the span of one breath…in that moment you are the living call of freedom. You are the heart of God taking wing and you are the mirror of the world reflecting the beauty of Love within it, and honoring all of it.

    Every time that you reclaim your glory, every moment you accept the truth of God in this eternal Now, you are the fulfillment of the awakening of consciousness into the gift of this experience of being both the dance and the music. Yet, often the next breath brings back the world and the limited view of life that you have adopted. But what I want you to see and to feel, dear ones, is that the reclaiming never ever disappears.

    Every moment that you feel the truth within you, it stakes its claim as the reality of Love that wraps itself around your heart and sings your purpose into the world as the outreach of Love . Therefore, every moment of reclamation is a moment of the return of the fullness of God -- in power, in Light, in reverence and tenderness and beauty, standing right here and wearing your name.

    Breath-by-breath, heartbeat-by-heartbeat, you are the one receiving the whole of life into your infinite consciousness, and remembering how this consciousness arises within you from the whole of God into the world, breath- by-breath and wonder-by-wonder.

    So every time you step free of the limited boundaries of dualistic thinking of the ego’s world, the magnitude of your ability to stand forth as Love is not only reclaimed, beloved ones, but it is multiplied. How deeply you will feel it living within you, even when you fall back into the limited view of the ego reality!

    Every quest for freedom as the heart of God has such value. It is indescribable. Every moment that you lift your resonance to Me, every breath that you take, beloved ones, completely consciously, is a song of grace expressing the beauty and the oneness of Love.

    Though nothing can ever take from you your true reality, you have patterns that you have gained through your lives and your experiences here in service. Now every choice for freedom is amplified. Every break-through is supported by all who serve the Light.

    And so I come to call you to remembrance, to lift you up, to prod you to this choice that you might powerfully make the choice for freedom and then reclaim all that choice brings in an instant. Let it be yours. Take it in and drink it, that it might nourish your next steps and that you might feel the resonance of Real freedom taking hold in the ego’s world and stepping forth as Love.

    Beloved ones, I Am calling you to flower, to let your heart blossom into the truth, to deeply feel the sweetness of unity and to allow the experience of Home, that nothing can ever limit you again. It might seem that it does…but it cannot, for once you step free, that freedom is ever yours, even if in the next moment you take it all back. That moment of freedom exists beyond time in infinity and in your heart, playing the note of your pure beauty and washing you in waves of joy.

    A moment of freedom is the doorway to infinity now, a doorway that you must open on your own. Once opened, you are a magnet for the Will of Love and it will ride into the world through your heart, making you beautiful and filled with wonder as you hold the torch for others to see by and feel within what you have reclaimed.

    The limited mind seeks to analyze and to understand the things of God. Only when you break free of limitation can the mind expand into the purposes of Love and then, it doesn’t matter, for you are wholeness and you are Love and understanding becomes experience as the heart of God, as the Love I Am, as the perfection of your freedom that is reclaimed by you now.

    Many times, beloved ones, you step through the doorway of your hearts and embrace the infinite truth of Love you are. Then, when you return to your focus in the ego’s world, you do bring back the same old picture of reality, when at that time it all can change, if you will let it.

    So this is what I Am advocating now…that you push beyond the boundaries of your limited mind and that you push through to a greater experience of Love that you might truly feel your heart as the heart of All That Is. When you return to the human consciousness, return reclaiming your limitlessness. Make the choice not to return to the old patterns. Let yourself be reborn as the heart of God in the world as you, Now.

    This is what I call you to feel -- that you are the power and the Love and that in this infinite Now Moment, all of Creation trembles with possibilities and waits for you to choose. Choose well, beloved ones. You have tasted the illusion long enough. It is time to choose to drink in your limitless nature, to push through the boundary of the ego’s world and to say “I Am the freedom of God perfectly expressed and wearing this name,” as you speak the name you are using now.

    You know your old patterns and how you box yourself in. You have inklings, even if you don’t see it all clearly. Each of you longs for real freedom, calling to Me to show you who you are, when with the next breath you are it all, fully alive, totally free, embracing your God-ness and loving the world, because all that you see is your own reflection and the reflection of perfection is perfect.

    So every heart now hears the call and when it resounds, it is activated, remembering the call to be Love in service, where every breath is a pledge of unity and every heartbeat a call to Love. Break free from your illusory boundaries. In this moment, have it all. In this moment, feel yourself flying, dissolving in Love and then bringing clear focus to Love’s expression.

    I Am the sun and you are more than lilies. You are the cosmic flowers that are the heart of God. As you blossom, all Creation salutes you and you become consciously magnetic as the center, as the true nobility, the “en-conscious-ment” of the Moment of Creation. Hold those boundaries open, dear ones, and feel it. I Am the heart of Love, here, as you.

    Circle of Light have been given the gift of the Messages from God to bring forth to humanity through Yael and Doug Powell. We hope that you will share these Messages as widely as possible, including to any groups or lists you feel appropriate. We only ask that you retain our identifying information. © 2006 Circle of Light

  • Thankyou Cee- Lovely message,

    Bee Xx

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